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Upgrade to the 4K TV Experience

Make the leap forward to lifelike picture quality with Ultra HD 4K TVs. These devices render image and video in ultra-realism thanks to millions of pixels charged with contrast and color. Whether you're watching animated films with the kids, enjoying a movie night, or streaming an entire series in one night, everything is better in 4K.

4K? UHD? What's that mean?

To put it simply, they're the same! Ultra HD (or UHD) and 4K technology describe the same kind of smart tv, named for the nearly 4,000 pixels that stretch from left to right. The actual resolution is much higher (3,840 x 2,160) and close to 8 million pixels. More pixels means higher definition, richer detail, and a broad depth of color. That's not where the innovation stops, though, thanks to smart features incorporated into the processing power of the televisions themselves.

Smart 4K TVs and Processing Power

4k Ultra HD Smart TVs are more than just a gorgeous, supercharged screen. When a 4K TV isn't screening movies and shows, many of them are ready to go to work with voice-activated features. Brands like LG, Sony, and Samsung 4k TVs are equipped to interface with other smart home devices. Voice control features and help from smart assistants mean you can control your smart TV from your remote—or just by speaking. These 4k TVs are much more than just a gorgeous display. Internal processors analyze content as it's being watched, boosting the TV's color contrast. That means you see pure dark colors, bright hues, and every natural color in between in sensational Ultra HD. These screens are backed by computer-sized processing power, too, with some processors large enough to analyze and enhance content while watching. As you view your favorite films and shows, the processors correct for the highest definition and immediate upscaling.

A Full Theater Experience, In Your Living Room

Grab some popcorn, candy, and a soft drink: these 4K TVs transform your space into an immersive home theater viewing experience, whether you're relaxing in the family living room or a setting up your ideal gaming space. Incredible resolution and clarity means you'll see it all. Every car chase, falling leaf, and blade of grass is rendered in stunning reality onscreen. Create your own miniature home theater with a popular soundbar or go all out with surround sound with a home theater speaker system.

Seamless Design in 4K TVs

When movie time is over, you're generally left with a large dark screen—but not with a smart 4K TV. Some models come with features like the Samsung TV Ambient+ mode, which displays a chosen photo, artwork, or even mimics the wall behind it to fall into the background. Other 4k Ultra HD TVs are designed with ultra slim frames that sit flush with the wall, creating a low profile. Accessorize your media room or living area with a TV mount or stand to keep your technology looking organized. Check out Abt's full array of 4K TVs today, or call for expert advice at 800-860-3577. Our 4k TV specialists are waiting to answer any questions you may have.

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