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QLED TVs: Color, Redefined

Bring your entertainment lightyears into the future with a QLED TV from Samsung. LCD and LED screens are no longer in the race—their liquid crystal display technology leaves much to be desired when it comes to sharp lines and depth of color. However, if you've never seen a QLED screen, you might not know what you're missing. Learn more about quantum dot technology, and what makes Abt's next-gen TV screens so different.

QLED: Quantum Dots, Electrifying Color

So, what makes these televisions so different from the HDTV you already have? It's their quantum dot technology. A layer of microscopic pixels overcharged with light coat the entire screen, and are designed for bright, rich color. Vivid reds, deep blues, and ultra-dark blacks coat every inch of the screen, while hot white hues explode across the frame. The result? Over one billion colors. The color saturation and contrast make these mini-theaters a must-have for nature documentaries, action films, kids' cartoons, and sports games. Oh, and drama series, classic movies, beloved musicals, and more. For even more definition and graphic enhancement, look for a QLED or Ultra HD 4K TV, and opt for one with a processor or AI chip. These act as "computers" and work to enhance content as you watch it. Image noise is reduced, scenes become real, and you'll be able to see minute details—even in content created years ago.

QLED TVs: Entertainment Everywhere

Looking for a screen for your living room, basement, or even your patio? Browse Abt's catalog and find the size, frame, and features you're on the hunt for. Sick of the tiny screen in your entertainment center? Opt for a bigger one, and send your old 32" television to the recycling (or give them to your college students; those are the perfect size for dorm rooms). These screens come in sizes up to 85" and beyond. Outfit your QLED TV with a soundbar or surround sound system to complete your mini-cinema. Outfitting your patio or porch for a space to enjoy weekend football games? Make sure you're ready all season with the Samsung Terrace model. It's designed to stand up to tough temperatures, and conditions like dust and water. Plus, colors look vivid no matter what-even in sunlight. Mounting your QLED TV is easy with our learning guide, even on outdoor walls.

Screen Service

Still not sure if a Samsung television is for you? Check out our TV buying guide to find the best option for your home. Alternatively, give us a call or stop into the store to get a look at the difference with your own eyes. Abt is here to help you pick what best fits your needs, whether you're a gamer, TV streamer, or film buff. No matter what you buy, we'll help service the product throughout its lifetime.

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