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How to Clean a TV Screen

Learn how to properly clean a TV screen to prevent scratches and damage to its protective coating.

Getting Started

Like many other electronic appliances, our televisions attract and collect dust. And from time to time, a child or unknowing family member may put a fingerprint on the screen or even a smudge of food. A home is meant to be lived in, so accidents happen.
But what do you do to remove these unsightly blemishes? How can you make sure you won't be distracted by them the next time you binge your favorite TV series? Learn how to clean a TV screen and prevent damage properly.
Cleaning a flat-screen TV is actually more straightforward than it sounds. It doesn't need expensive sprays or electronic cleaners with harsh chemicals. In fact, we recommend avoiding them entirely.
Unlike older CR TV sets made with thick glass screens you could spray down with any glass cleaner, most modern flat-screen TVs sold today require much more caution.
LCD TVs are more sensitive than other screens and need to be cleaned carefully. Plasma TVs, while they have glass screens like an older CR TV set, still have an anti-glare coating, meaning they need to be cleaned as carefully as an LCD TV as well. And while many homeowners still have older plasma TVs or even CR TVs, today's market is dominated by big-screen LCD and OLED TVs.

Avoid Cleaners with Harsh Chemicals

Without knowing better or any differently, homeowners frequently reach for any type of glass cleaner they happen to have on hand. But this is a bad idea. In fact, many household cleaners actually contain harsh chemicals that TV manufacturers do not recommend.
Take something like Windex, which is commonly used on windows, mirrors and glass tabletop surfaces. This standard household cleaner contains ingredients such as ammonia and alcohol, both known for their dissolving capabilities. Misting this on a TV screen is not the best idea and will likely result in a voided warranty.

Steps for Cleaning Your TV Screen

Woman Cleaning TV with a Cloth
Abt offers a variety of manufacturers, which carry different types of screens from OLED TVs to Ultra HD 4K TVs. Here are a few general pieces of advice and tips to properly clean a TV screen that most brands recommended following.
  1. Turn Off the TV - Turn off your TV or even unplug it while you clean. Let it cool down completely before you begin, too. Turning off your TV does a number of things. First, it provides a blank black screen to see fingerprints and dust better. Second, it reduces static shock as you wipe it down.
  2. Start with a Microfiber Cloth - Whenever you clean your TV surface, use a gentle microfiber cloth to wipe it down, ensuring you don't press too hard. This not only ensures there will be no scratches, but also prevents fine particles and linen you might get should you use a paper towel or average cloth. Most modern TVs come with a microfiber cloth.
  3. Moisten the Cloth if Necessary - If the kids touched the screen, leaving sticky fingerprints, moisten the microfiber cloth with a small bit of water. You can also use a tiny bit of dish soap, but we recommend one part per hundred to make it extremely diluted.

Check Your TV Screen Manual

The bottom line is that when cleaning any type of flat-screen TV, use a soft, dry microfiber cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals that could damage the protective layer.
However, if you have something on the screen that can't be removed by simply a microfiber cloth, always consult your TV manufacturer. You can either dig out the manual or, in today's age, locate the manual online to read about the best way to clean your set. At the very least, you can call your manufacturer's customer service number to ask for advice. Quality televisions are an investment, so the last thing you want is to ruin a screen or void your warranty by using a cleaner that is frowned upon by the manufacturer. From Samsung, LG and Sony, Abt has the TV to best suit your needs.

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