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Mounting TV Over Fireplace: Everything You Need to Know

Many people choose to mount their TV over a fireplace because it saves space while making a statement. Check out this guide for more information on mounting a TV over a fireplace.
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Finding The Perfect Spot to Mount Your TV

In many homes, people tend to either gather around the fire or the television, so it's not an uncommon practice to combine the two focal points and mount a TV over the fireplace. However, this process is highly involved and a big commitment that should be thought out thoroughly before taking any action, especially because not all fireplaces are readily equipped to handle a television set. If you're considering mounting a TV over a fireplace, here's everything you need to know before you make your final decision.

Why You Should Mount a TV Over the Fireplace

There are many reasons why you might consider mounting your television over your fireplace. Here are a few of the most popular:
  • Limited Space to Mount: If your living room is on the smaller side, you might simply not have the extra wall space to dedicate to both a TV and a fireplace. Even if your room is larger, you might lack the wall room for a television if the fireplace was designed to be the focal point of the room and there are windows on all of the remaining walls.
  • Jacks Are Already Located There: Your fireplace might be well-equipped for a mounted television if the jacks for hooking up your electronics are located near or within it. One of the most difficult parts of mounting a TV on a wall is managing the wiring. So if your fireplace already has a designated space for your electronic cables, you're much better equipped to install a television there.
  • You Like Doubling Up on Comfort: It goes without saying that both the TV and the fireplace represent all that's wonderful about relaxation and cozy nights in. If you enjoy how the crackle of the fire complements your favorite TV shows, there's not much stopping you from creating a comfortable environment for your family and friends.

Things to Consider

Some professionals don't normally advise mounting the TV over a fireplace due to difficulty with setup, safety reasons or even issues with user comfort. Here are some other factors to consider if you're thinking of mounting a TV over a fireplace.
  • Soot from Flames Could Go into the TV: If you're dealing with a wood-burning fireplace, no matter how contained your fire is, soot is still likely to escape from the screen, which can negatively affect the performance of your electronics. If you've invested in a high-quality option like an OLED TV, you might want to consider whether the value of hanging the TV outweighs the value of the television itself.
  • Heat Could Cause Irreparable Damage: Have you ever had your cell phone just shut right off because it couldn't handle a blistery summer day? Heat and electronics aren't particularly compatible, and your fireplace could cause damage to your television set if the two are too close together.
  • Fireplace Flames Can Be Distracting: Some people might find the flickering light of a fireplace to be distracting when they're trying to focus on the television. Since both throw bright light and act as focal points, it might be hard to pay attention to one when the other is active, too—and you might end up being forced to turn on only one at a time.
  • The Viewing Angle Could Be Too High: Most ergonomic experts suggest mounting your television so that the middle of it is at eye level when you're sitting. Since the mantle of most fireplaces is already several feet off the ground, you'll likely need to mount your TV higher than is recommended. Unless you've installed something adjustable, a high-mounted television could lead to neck strain and general discomfort for you and your guests.
  • The Viewing Angle Could Be Too High: Proper viewing angle is very important to ensure you get the best experience from your LED or OLED TV. If your television is mounted above the fireplace, you might need to find a way to tilt it downward in order to avoid having distorted picture quality.
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To Mount or Not to Mount

The fireplace is a popular spot to mount your television above, but it's a big decision that could have some potential downsides. It's important to weigh the pros and cons, and feel confident that having your TV over your fireplace is the right choice for you and your lifestyle.

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