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Find the right Garbage Disposal or Trash Compactor for your kitchen

Garbage Disposals and Trash Compactors

Unfamiliar with trash compactor and garbage disposal? That’s not surprising—not every kitchen comes equipped with them. In fact, garbage disposals are uncommon in many countries and especially in the UK. But both of these modern waste-destroyers are problem solvers that help to cut down on our consumption. Food waste and garbage is a global problem, causing issues in landfills around the world. While we like to take a greener approach here at Abt, you can do your part at home by installing these and doing your part. Move your household towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle with easy kitchen installation.

What Can I Send Down The Drain?

If you took a look at a garbage disposal attached beneath a sink, you might not know what it was from its appearance. With a pipe-like mouth and a larger unit beneath, these devices seem unassuming (but can save you money in the long run). Each one works to grind food waste up until it can pass into the municipal water system and be removed in the process. Toss in veggie and fruit scraps, ice, eggshells and even cooked meat. Some even recommend grinding up fish bones and fruit seeds. But before you install the most popular model you can find, consider which type would work better for your home: continuous feed or batch feed.

Batch feed devices are designed for safety while continuous feed is made for efficiency. In batch versions, users push their disposables down the sink and into the device before covering it with a lid. The lid must be on for it to activate, meaning that nothing will accidentally fall in as it runs. Meanwhile, continuous versions operate via a switch that runs until you turn it off. Consider how much you prep food, your lifestyle and household needs before investing in either.

Waste Managed

Trash compactors are a rarer find, but they’re more useful now than when they were first invented in the 80s. Once your bin is filled, the pressurized arm pushes down on your recyclables and waste, smashing it into its flattest form. When pickup day comes around, you’ll find you’ve used far less space in your bins than you were using before. And if you live in a more rural area where you have to pay for waste removal by the bag, a trash compactor is a must-have.

Keep in mind that these modern appliances are more refined than their forefathers, which may have developed a reputation. In the past, those pressurized arms were a high-volume nuisance that could interrupt conversations and wreck an evening. If you tossed too many out-of-date foods inside, you might not appreciate the odor after a day or two as well. Meanwhile, modern versions are made to circumvent these issues entirely. Keep an eye out for models built with filters that keep odor locked in, whether you’re compressing leftovers or recyclables. If you’ve got little ones around the house with early bedtimes, it’s a good idea to look for extra-quiet trash compactors, too.

Go Green With These Gadgets

Reducing your waste output is just one way to make your life a little more eco-friendly. Not sure which type of trash compactor or garbage disposal is right for you? Still have unanswered questions about batch feed and continuous? You’re in the right place—our in-house experts know these machines inside and out. Give the team at Abt a call at 800-860-3577 or head into the store to see our selection in person. Alternatively, learn more online with our Garbage Disposal Buying Guide and Trash Compactor Buying Guide.

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