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Friedrich Air Conditioner (A/C) Parts & Accessories

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Friedrich Air Conditioners: In-Demand Parts and Accessories

There's nothing more satisfying than installing an air conditioner and heading inside to turn it on and escape the summer heat. A cold beverage, a spot on the couch, and your cooling device on blast are all you need for the perfect afternoon. And since you've picked a Friedrich air conditioner, your product is designed for durability and high levels of cool output no matter what. However, that cool output can only happen if you've got every single part installed properly. And whether your machine had a tough winter out in the garage or has weathered a particularly powerful severe weather event, some Friedrich air conditioner parts can become damaged in the line of duty. That's why Abt stocks replacement gear like baffles and wall sleeves, keeping this gear at the ready on the off-chance that one of your baffles gets damaged, or that you need a replacement wall sleeve. Before choosing a part, make sure that it's the correct version for your device by looking in the model's manual. Otherwise the accessory may not fit, and you'll be left using strategically placed fans until a new AC arrives.

Through-The-Wall Sleeves

The collection of Friedrich air conditioners stretches from in-window units to the low-profile "PTAC" (packaged terminal air conditioner) found in hotel rooms, but it's their wall units that set them apart. While most manufacturers steer clear of the wall-installed machines, Friedrich focuses energy on these permanent solutions to warm climates. These high-powered smart machines take a bit of expertise to install before they're attached for life, but there's one other key component you'll need to have on hand: a wall sleeve. These sturdy sleeves fill the space between your Friedrich air conditioner and your home's wall. A sleeve acts as a support structure for your device, since the wall has to be cut away precisely, you need to restore a bit of that structural integrity with a durable wall sleeve that balances your machine's weight evenly. Whether you're moving to a new home or replacing an improperly installed appliance, these new parts give you the flexibility to install a new cooling device in a stable environment. For those who prefer wall models over the in-window, PTAC, or portable AC units, you'll know that getting your device to fit your sleeve can sometimes be a complicated battle. The accordion-style vents stick out from either side of the device, stretching to fill the space. But sometimes the built-in baffle isn't enough and won't cover the width of the sleeve. In that case, you'll need an adaptive accessory like their baffle adapter kits. These kits help to stretch your machine's boundaries, closing any gaps and ensuring pests like bugs stay out, and that cool air stays inside the home.

Guides and Tips from our Experts

If you're just getting started in your hunt for temperature control devices, check out our Air Conditioner Sizing and Buying Guide or to get down to the basics of how machines like Friedrich air conditioners work, watch our video on what to know before you make that decision to purchase. In the information age, it's easy to become bombarded with knowledge about machines and parts, so if you're not sure that an accessory or device fits (literally or figuratively), give our HVAC specialists a call at 800-860-3577. We're ready with the intel and expertise you need to find that missing part or long-lost sleeve. Alternatively, head into the store to talk to us face to face, and get a look at the newest cooling devices of the summer in person.

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