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Friedrich dehumidifiers make it easy to keep humidity levels under control. These powerful devices can handle just about anything. In fact, they're capable of pulling either 35 or 50 pints of moisture from the air every 24 hours. Just set your preferred Relative Humidity anywhere from 30% to 90% on the intuitive control panel. The dehumidifier will then get to work maintaining your preference.

Every Friedrich dehumidifier features a removable collection bucket. However, they also include a built-in drain pump that simplifies continuous-drainage. Most dehumidifiers that offer continuous-drainage rely on gravity to bring the excess moisture to a safe place, usually a drain in the floor. But thanks to their pump, Friedrich dehumidifiers can fight gravity to dispose of the liquid in a sink or out a window that sits above the device itself.

These impressive devices are also incredibly efficient. Having earned ENERGY STAR® certification for their efficiency, Friedrich dehumidifiers use about 30% less power than non-certified models. Plus, their Auto-restart feature allows them to get back to work as soon as power returns after an outage. They can even operate in temperatures down to 41° F. So whether your fighting humidity after warm summer showers or cold fall rains, Friedrich dehumidifiers are ready to help. Order yours today!

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    Janeen S. - Chula Vista, CA
    June 16, 2021