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Friedrich Portable Air Conditioners

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Friedrich Portable Air Conditioners

Sometimes you don't need your entire home to be cooled. Enter the Friedrich portable air conditioner. These compact and convenient AC units are designed to move from room to room as needed. If you live in a particularly small space, these tiny air conditioners can keep your room cool for far less energy or financial cost than a wall or window unit. They're also a great supplemental cooling system on particularly hot summer afternoons. The portable units are also useful in rooms that have nonstandard windows or in buildings that prohibit window units. As temperatures drop, these compact machines are easy to store until you need them again. They're even small enough to take on the road with you should the need for additional cooling arise. Friedrich combines the classic portability of these compact air conditioners while adding their signature luxurious touch. The models have a sleek, attractive design that won't compete with the rest of your room's decor and can easily tuck next to a table or armchair. Depending on which model you choose, your Friedrich portable air conditioner can cool spaces as small as 100 square feet and as large as 500 square feet.

Just because these air conditioners are small doesn't mean they lack classic Friedrich technology. In particular, Friedrich ZoneAire portable air conditioners combine multiple climate functions in one appliance. Buy one unit and get the benefits of a fan, air conditioner, and dehumidifier. The ZoneAire Compact ZHP14DB can even be used as a heater. Newer models can be controlled via Wi-Fi with the FriedrichGo™ app or via voice control from your Amazon Alexa or Google Home. All of these portable air conditioners feature Friedrich's signature washable antimicrobial dual filters. Cleaning the filter after each summer prevents dust from circulating while using your air conditioner and maintains your home's air quality. The control panel on top of the unit is easy to access and simple to use. Select models come with a remote control so you can turn the unit on and off from the comfort of your sofa.

Portable air conditioners require an exhaust system, typically fed through a window. These exhaust systems are easy to install and remove and will not damage your home or rental. Save on installation costs. Just vent with the single- or dual-hose exhaust system and plug in. A single-hose system pulls the air from inside and exhausts warm air outside to keep your room cool. Single-hose units have to work harder to maintain the room's temperature. Luckily, Friedrich also makes dual-hose models. In a dual-hose model, one hose functions as an air exhaust and the other pulls in air from the outside. The air taken in is then cooled and released into the room. Dual-hose models prevent air leakage, which cools rooms faster and more efficiently and doesn't require the machine to work as hard.

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Keeping your home comfortable is important so it's crucial you pick the right Friedrich air conditioner for your needs. Watch our handy video for assistance or read our air conditioner buying guide for more information. In addition to Friedrich's warranty, our trained technicians can service your portable air conditioner for its entire lifetime.

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