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GE Wall Air Conditioners

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GE Wall Air Conditioners

Outfitting your home with a GE Through the Wall Air Conditioner allows you to manage temperatures more efficiently than standard window air conditioners. The airtight seal between a wall-mounted AC's sleeve and the building provides a greater level of insulation, ensuring that the cool air it creates stays where you can appreciate it. Plus, wall ACs are far more convenient in that they can remain in place year-round. Some even offer heating capabilities for when temperatures drop. GE Wall AC Units include a number of features that make it easy to stay cool. Their digital thermostats allow you to set your ideal temperature for the AC to maintain. If things get a bit too cool, just grab the remote control and adjust the fan speeds, raise the temp, or even turn the AC off altogether.

When shopping for room air conditioners, it's important to match your room size with the cooling BTU output of the AC. Take a look at our Air Conditioner Sizing and Buying Guide for a detailed sizing chart. And if you have any questions, please reach out to us at 800-860-3577. Our AC experts can help you find the perfect model for your specific needs. And if you already know what you need, order from our above selection today so that you're ready when the next heatwave hits.

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  • I was pleasantly shocked at how quickly this shipped. Also appreciated all the updates on tracking. Love my corner Whirlpool corner microwave!
    Denise - Manhattan Beach, CA
    June 23, 2021