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Sale on Gas Grills, Wood Pellet Smokers, and More

As temperatures rise and the days start to get longer, you may look at your back patio and think “How good would a new barbecue look right there?” And while it would look amazing, the food you'd make would be even better. Summer just isn't complete without the smoky flavor of an outdoor grill. Instead of gazing out the window and dreaming, start looking through our grill sales for the best deal you can find on the cooker of your dreams. Whether you're searching for a sale on gas grills, deals on charcoal barbecues, or wood pellet smoker grill sales, you'll find an expansive collection at Abt. And after you buy, use the money you saved to pick up some steaks or a roast on the way home—it's time to start smoking.

Convenient Cooking: Gas Grills

Are you searching for a sale on gas grills? There's no more convenient way to cook in the backyard than with a liquid propane or natural gas barbecue. These cookers have a simple ignition process and heat up quickly, unlike some of their competition. That makes them the perfect pick for those hoping to get dinner on the table as fast as possible. Sear steaks, flip burgers, and toast buns all on one of these versatile backyard grills. Explore our sale on gas grills to find the one that best fits your lifestyle, whether you're looking for a high-capacity cooker that can handle feeding the extended family or a portable version that can fit in the car for road trips.

Grill Sales: Charcoal and Wood Pellet Barbecues

Our grill sales include the smokiest barbecue cookers around: the classic flaming charcoal and the next-gen wood pellet burners. Both of these cookers focus on fiery smoke flavor in place of instant ignition, making these barbecues the best choice for anyone who wants the most smoke for their buck. Sear foods on high heat once your barbecue is lit, or infuse everything you're making with indirect smoky heat. With wood pellet smokers, fill your grill with cherry, pecan, mesquite, or hickory wood for an even more savory smoke taste. Instead of sifting through any sale on gas grills that look all the same, opt for a cooker with some character. Many charcoal and wood pellet grills come in exciting colors and sizes to fit your needs. If your family and friends prefer to hit the road, keep an eye out for portable charcoal cookers instead—they're easy to use and can double as s'mores firepits if you take the grates off.

Save On Your New Grill

Whether you're upgrading from an older model or searching through our grill sales for your first-even backyard cooker, find yours at Abt. Our experts can help you pick the perfect model for your lifestyle, too. Check out our Outdoor Grill Buying Guide to learn more about the basic tenets of the modern backyard cooker, or give us a call at 800-860-3577.

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  • We had never heard of Abt until our recent purchases. I can tell you, we are very impressed with all of you! Things are actually in stock that you advertise on your website, they are delivered quickly and you follow through with good old-fashioned customer service. We will recommend you to others and we'll definitely be back!
    Tom and Pam A. - Florissant, CO
    June 1, 2021