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JennAir Downdraft Ventilation Systems

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JennAir Downdrafts: Ventilation Hiding In Plain Sight

Whether you're a Michelin-starred chef, a meal-prepper, or only cook when it's absolutely necessary, everyone needs a stove and the accompanying ventilation system. Classic range hoods hang above those high-powered burners, pulling up and filtering away toxins, smoke, odors and anything else that might linger in your kitchen. While some prefer the shining, eye-catching look of a classic range hood, others are looking for a smoke-trapping solution that isn't as obvious. Whether you want nothing blocking the view of your dream kitchen or just prefer a streamlined look, JennAir downdrafts are the solution.

JennAir downdrafts are designed with sleek style in mind, and are made to fit the contemporary cook space. Instead of hanging heavy overhead, they sit right behind (or within) your range or rangetop, hiding just below the surface. When it's time to cook, activate yours and watch it go to work. Telescoping JennAir downdrafts rise up from their hidden space within the countertop. Once they reach their full height, their high-powered fans kick into overdrive, pulling and trapping anything that shouldn't be there. Water vapor, airborne grease, smoke, and odor are all removed and cycled out of your space.

Ducted vs. Recirculated

If you think you know which JennAir downdraft is perfect for your needs, don't jump the gun just yet—make sure that the appliance you choose matches your ventilation situation. All that air, smoke and grease has to go somewhere, right? Consider whether or not your home is equipped with the proper ductwork ahead of time. Some devices only work when installed correctly into your home's ductwork, while others can be converted to work with simple filtration in duct-free ventilation. These JennAir downdrafts pull the oxygen in, strip out the impurities, then push the clean air back into your home. It's important to consider that fully-ducted systems are considered the gold standard, and duct-free ventilation will require more attention and filter replacement in the long term.

Not sure whether a ducted or recirculated system is best for your kitchen? Consider a few factors, such as your desired device's CFM rating. That's the volume of air that your device can move in cubic feet per minute. The higher the CFM, the more oxygen you'll be able to move quickly. Adjust the CFM using the JennAir downdraft's fan speed setting if necessary. Sizzling sautees and high-heat woks will require that extra boost in power, as will holiday roasts and multi-hour cooks.

Having a Hard Time Deciding?

If you're still not sure which of these range-hood-replacements is perfect for your home, you don't need to decide all on your own. Our team of appliance experts has been helping people design their dream kitchens for decades, from custom countertops to extra-large (or extra-small) appliances. Come to us with questions and you'll leave with answers. Give our team a call at 800-860-3577 to learn more about what's best for your kitchen and cooking style. Alternatively, do some research of your own and check out our Range Hood Buying Guide.

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    I am a contractor trying to wrap up on a new home we have just rebuilt. Abt had the appliances we were unable to find in stock from anywhere else. The delivery was excellent. Will definitely use them again.
    Nate P. - Flower Mound, TX
    August 9, 2021