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Cook Like a Pro with a Jenn Air Gas Range

If you're looking to master the art of cooking, a Pro-Style Jenn Air Gas Range is the perfect appliance. With a stovetop adorned with powerful Dual-Stacked burners and a Dual-Fan True Convection oven below, these stoves provide everything you need to whip up a culinary masterpiece. Plus, Jenn Air Ranges are as stylish as they are capable and look great in any kitchen.

The cooktop on a Jenn Air Gas Range is as powerful as it is precise. Their dual-stacked burners output as many as 20,000 BTUs which makes it easy to turn on the heat for searing meats or boiling water. And, when you only need a gentle simmer for sauces or soups, they can drop to a delicate breath of flame.

Unlike their slide-in ranges, Professional Style Jenn Air Ranges come in a variety of sizes, from 30 to 48 inches wide. The larger models use the extra space to extend your cooking capabilities with useful features like electric griddles, indoor grills, and a second oven that sits adjacent to the first.

Whether you need a single or double oven, Jenn Air Stoves include all of the amenities necessary to perfect your favorite recipes. The common bake and broil elements make cakes and steaks with ease. But the ovens inside Jenn Air Gas Ranges also include a Dual Fan True Convection system.

By circulating the air inside the oven, it eliminates hot spots. So, the top and bottom racks get the same level of heat, as do the sides and centers of every rack. The result? Food that cooks more quickly and evenly so that every bite the best bite.

Jenn Air Gas Ranges pair their impressive cooking capabilities with a matching style. Their Noir designs mix expansive black glass with elegant stainless steel resulting in a sophisticated look with a modern flare. The Rise collection takes a more classic design with diamond etched handles and a rim of brushed brass around their control knobs. Shop the various designs above to find a style to suit your tastes and start your journey into the world of professional chefs today.

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