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Your Custom Outdoor Kitchen: Lynx Built-In Grills

While three-legged grills out on the grass may have been in style in the 1980s, the trend of the outdoor kitchen and its built-in grill has swept North America, and it's not going anytime soon. Having a complete cooking space from Lynx Grills in your backyard comes with perks—you'll spend more time in the great outdoors, whether you're prepping for dinner or enjoying an evening beside the fire pit. Cooking outdoors helps keep the kitchen clean as well...but you'll have the most fun flipping burgers and searing steaks on your built-in Lynx. So, what is a built-in grill? These barbecues are designed to fit right into an outdoor island, eliminating the need for a grilling cart. Instead of visible propane tanks and constantly seeming in the way, these barbecues require custom storage and installation (available from experts like us). The result is a cooker that looks like it was literally designed just for your home.

Why Lynx?

Lynx Grills has been customizing culinary gear for the outdoor kitchen since the 90s when they first formed. Back then, all they had was their expertise—over 30 years of expertise in crafting restaurant-quality stainless steel equipment. Since then, they've expanded their line of grills to encompass nearly every aspect of the outdoor kitchen, from pizza ovens to refrigerators to storage drawers. When you pick one of these Lynx grills, you're choosing a professional-grade product, as well as the chance to coordinate it with every device and fixture in the outdoor kitchen. Instead of mixing and matching from multiple different manufacturers, stick with the shining stainless steel that marks your kitchen as Lynx.

Grilling as Art

When it comes to cooking outdoors, Lynx elevates what could be a simple heating space to a culinary laboratory. Instead of basic burners and crusty grates, Lynx grills are equipped with new technologies that turn the act of grilling food into a performance. For example, take a closer look at their Trident infrared burners. High-powered infrared heat sources have been used on other grills before to bring high temperatures you can't receive with normal natural gas barbecues. However, the Trident handles infrared temperatures differently. While most grills designate an infrared space as a single-temperature sear zone, Lynx's Trident can adapt to meet your temperature needs, with a range from a low 300°F to a scorching 1000°F. That way, you can heat delicate foods like shrimp or scallops, or sear thick tomahawk steaks all on the same grill and with the same burner. Meanwhile, classic gas-fueled burners are created with ultimate efficiency in mind. Each of these gas burners is topped with a layer of ceramic "briquettes" that help to disperse heat evenly, sending it across the grill to help avoid any unnecessary hot or cold spots. That way, you can use every inch of your barbecue when dinnertime approaches.

More Resources

If you're having trouble deciding on which of the built-in Lynx grills fits your lifestyle best, it's time to do a bit of research. Explore our BBQ-worthy resources like our Outdoor Grill Buying Guide. Here, our experts put together a helpful guide on understanding all of the different types of barbecues on the market. For more personalized help, call our specialists at 800-860-3577. Alternatively, head into the store to see our selection in person—we've got the experience to help you find the choice that's best for your home's summertime cookouts.

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