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Stainless Steel Wine Refrigerators from Lynx

A glass of perfectly-chilled wine is the finishing touch to any meal. There's nothing like taking your favorite vintage out of your Lynx wine refrigerator and relaxing in your backyard with friends and family. Complete your outdoor kitchen with the right wine refrigerator or beverage center. A designated space to store beverages is a must-have for any entertainer. Lynx prioritizes luxury kitchens, which means their products are made with quality in mind. Their wine refrigerators are made of stainless steel for a laundry list of benefits. Stainless steel is durable, which is essential for outdoor appliances that take greater wear and tear than indoor appliances. It is also rust and heat resistant so your wine refrigerator stays looking and working like new while keeping your beverages at the perfect temperature. Stainless steel is also sleek and modern, which makes it a popular choice for a variety of appliances. Stainless steel wine fridges and beverage centers will match the rest of your outdoor appliances for an attractive, streamlined look. It's also easy to clean even if you don't own stainless steel cleaner. Wash with warm, soapy water then rinse and dry for easy cleaning.

Unlike fridges that have to accommodate a variety of items, Lynx wine refrigerators are designed specifically for wine bottles. They can come with see-through glass doors so you can easily keep track of what's inside and your guests can easily choose the beverage of the night without making a mess. You can choose a model with a right- or left-hinge opening depending on where you install the fridge. Lynx goes above and beyond to optimize your wine-drinking experience. Their fridges are designed to cushion wine bottles for proper aging for the best pour possible. Select models can store up to 24 bottles of wine so you'll be stocked for the summer. The inside of your wine fridge will make you feel like a professional sommelier. Attractive blue interior lighting illuminates the bottles so you can read the labels at any time of day. The shelves fully extend out so you can simply grab the bottle you want, no reaching required.

Do-It-All Beverage Centers

Beverage centers are useful if you're not a wine aficionado but want to keep drinks on hand for outdoor events. Unlike standard refrigerators that must hold a variety of items, beverage centers are made exclusively for drinks. Their shelves are positioned at the perfect height to hold bottled soda or beer and cans. Select models also feature wine storage so you can keep a few bottles on hand. Like their wine refrigerators, Lynx beverage centers are made of stainless steel for a durable but attractive appliance that matches the rest of your outdoor kitchen. They have insulated interiors to help keep drinks cold even as temperatures outside rise. You can change the temperature at which your beverages are stored to ensure they're served at the perfect temperature. From soda to craft beer and even hard seltzers, you can serve your guests their favorite beverage, perfectly chilled, thanks to your Lynx beverage center. If you need more guidance, check out our refrigerator buying guide.

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