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When it comes to high-quality gaming, lovers of the craft and the game know that it's hard to compromise. In the same way that you couldn't use any old laptop to run a heavyweight program, you'll need a gaming monitor to get the most out of your build. And even if you're not a hardcore online gamer, you'll have a hard time faulting an MSI monitor for its design. These machines are built for deep color saturation, ease of use, and a high refresh rate. These are all crucial elements for optimized PC gaming, but can be useful for folks who work from home or edit videos and photos.

The Curved MSI Monitor

You're not studying on a laptop, and you're certainly not staring at a tablet. Gamers building their own PC want a unit that's as immersive as possible. Say goodbye to the flat screens of yore, and welcome in the curved MSI monitor. These screens feature a gentle curvature rate of 1800R for entertainment that swallows you whole. The curve is pronounced enough to enhance all gaming and entertainment, but not so noticeable that you'll be prevented from doing work or surfing the web. Meanwhile, fast refresh rates and quick response times mean you can react to the action as soon as it happens. Some of the MSI monitors come optimized for eSports already, too, requiring no customization on your end. Just make sure that your screen is as wide as you need it to be for easy play and use.

Customizable Features

Gaming rigs are all about customization, and that's why the experts at MSI built the MSI monitor with customizable features. Create an ambiance that's uniquely yours with MSI's Mystic Light system, and watch color radiate from the back of the machine. You can sync the monitor up with other devices, then choose an ambient color from the palette. Alternatively, set your system to gaming echo for a light system that shifts with every sound and action. More interested in what's on the screen? Look for a device that comes with their True Color technology, and opt for a screen that's at least 1080p of High Definition. Alternatively, bring everything to the next level with a 4K MSI monitor. If you'll be gaming for hours at a time, consider a screen that comes with a blue light filter, too. These blue light filters help to prevent eye strain and lessen visual fatigue, making it easier to game for hours on end.

Built-In Support

Whether you're building your own gaming PC from the ground up or starting with a premade tower, you're going to need to know all about your device to use it to the best of your ability. To learn more about gaming screens, check out our Computer Monitor Buying Guide. And for more personalized advice, give us a call at 800-860-3577. Our experts have all the knowledge and experience needed to help you find the right device for yourself or your gamer.

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