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Miele Microwaves

Miele Microwaves: High-Caliber Functionality

When picking the perfect kitchen appliances for your dream home, it's important to remember that even the tiniest detail matters—especially when it comes to home cooking. Instead of reaching for a low-quality microblaster you would likely find in any college dorm, upgrade your kitchen with Miele microwaves. These high-powered machines are extremely multifunctional, making them the obvious choice for the amateur chef, parents managing a large household, or anyone who needs perfect results every time. Use your Miele microwave to defrost frozen proteins, heat snacks, make dinners and pop bags of buttery popcorn. Whether you're cooking whole meals within or just using yours for the occasional defrost, find the Miele microwave that's best for your household at Abt.

Built-In Features

Most Miele microwaves are designed to fit the on-trend look of built-in appliances, making these heaters the perfect choice for open-concept kitchens. And the cooking mechanism isn't the only thing built-in—take a closer look at some of these models to check out their intuitive control panels and features. Slide-out dials and pull-down doors make these heaters different than any others on the market, while the bright LCD display makes it easy to see from anywhere in the kitchen. Use these controls to choose between automatic programs like defrosting based on weight, cooking fresh foods, making snacks and more. Just select your program and the Miele microwave does the rest. And with models that feature extra-large cavities big enough to fit a 14-inch plate, you'll never need to worry about whether your dish will fit within. Heat up tall piles of leftovers all in one go—but keep in mind that more food often means a longer cook time. Adjust your power levels accordingly when making large amounts of food at once.

Style is Paramount

In the contemporary kitchen, functionality comes first—but appearances are not far behind. The ever-popular open-concept kitchen demands a clean look and uninterrupted sight lines that pass right through the space. That means you'll need to keep countertop gear to a minimum, showcasing only your most fashionable stand mixers and espresso machines. That's why Miele tucks the majority of their cookers right into the wall. And with shining stainless steel, clean black screens and bright glass accents, these devices both fade into the background and stand out with style. Pair yours with a matching wall oven or steam oven for an uninterrupted look that'll fit well in any home, whether you're shooting for mid-century minimalism or a chic modern look.

Not Sure Which Is Best For You?

If you're having a hard time picking out a Miele microwave that's best for your cooking style, you don't have to fly blind. Instead, come to the experts at Abt—give us a phone call at 800-860-3577 or head into our store to speak to a specialist in person. With decades of helping Chicagoland build dream kitchens, we're well-equipped to find the perfect pick for your lifestyle. Alternatively, do your own research ahead of time and check out our Microwave Buying Guide. Here, the team at Abt breaks down all the different types, features and cycles you're likely to find in the modern quick-heating appliance. Once you're done learning up, head back into the store armed with your new knowledge.

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