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Napoleon Grill Smoker Accessories

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Napoleon Grill Smoker Accessories

Napoleon Grill offers a variety of Napoleon Grill smoker accessories that include an assortment of wood chips for smokers and a cedar infusion plank for outdoor grilling.

Napoleon Mesquite Wood Chips

Bring the bold flavors of the southwest to your backyard! Napoleon Mesquite Wood Chips will flavor your pork, poultry, or beef with the sweet earthiness of Texas barbeque. A hearty, hot-burning wood, mesquite can be used on its own or be paired with other woods to create a mouth-watering flavor profile. These wood chips will create enough smoke to envelop any cut of meat in the defined flavor that Napoleon Grills provides.

Mesquite trees' strong root systems made the plant a pest for ranchers in the early twentieth century. Spread by passing cattle, mesquite pods were planted quickly across the region. The hearty tree resisted many attempts at extermination, so ranchers decided to turn this problem into an opportunity. They quickly found that the complex taste of mesquite paired wonderfully with steer. By the 1950s, enterprising sellers were bagging and selling this slice of Texas taste across the United States. Mouths states over were watering for the sweet yet woody taste of mesquite.

With the Napoleon Mesquite Wood Chips, anyone can enjoy the scents and flavors of these old-time barbeques. Whether using a charcoal grill or gas or electric smoker, Napoleon Mesquite Wood Chips are a favorite for grillers and pitmasters. The bold flavor makes these a staple in any wood chip arsenal.

Napoleon Mesquite Wood Chips should be soaked 30 minutes prior to use. For unique flavors, soak wood chips in liquids like your favorite ale, cider, or even pineapple juice for a slight tang. After removing the wood chips from the liquid, place them in the Napoleon Smoker tube, then onto the sear plates of your gas grill. They can also be used with the Napoleon Prestige PRO series PRO665 Gas Grill. Be sure to keep the lid on your smoker or grill closed to ensure the even, strong, smoky taste that Napoleon Mesquite Wood Chips provide.

Whether you wish to emulate the pitmasters of old or create your own take on classic American flavor, the Napoleon Mesquite Wood Chips will give you the basis for a delicious meal!

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  • I was pleasantly shocked at how quickly this shipped. Also appreciated all the updates on tracking. Love my corner Whirlpool corner microwave!
    Denise - Manhattan Beach, CA
    June 23, 2021