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Napoleon Outdoor Grills

Napoleon Outdoor Grills

Cook outside without sacrificing quality or flavor with a Napoleon outdoor grill. Napoleon grills are a high-quality choice for those who appreciate the finer techniques of grilling. Stainless steel burners and porcelain-coated cast-iron cooking grates promise a long life. Speaking of grates, Napoleon is known for their wave design. This makes it easy to get good contact with the grate, regardless of what you are cooking. The wave design also does an excellent job of distributing heat, ensuring you don't end up with cold spots in your food.

With many grill manufacturers, you need to step-up in price to get the amenities you want. Napoleon outdoor grills offer four burners and 500 square inches of grilling space on their standard product line. Lighting your Napoleon grill is a breeze, with the electric "Jetfire" ignition. You also have your choice of natural gas or propane when shopping. Napoleon products offer a tremendous value for your money, with many features that let you know it is a quality product. The "lift-ease" lid, exclusive to Napoleon, makes it easy to open and close, even when balancing a platter of raw meat in one hand.

Styles of Napoleon Outdoor Grills

Once you decide Napoleon is the way to go for quality and value, you're ready to select your grill. Napoleon has several choices in both freestanding and built-in options. Freestanding is a popular choice because of the flexibility it provides. With a freestanding grill, you can move around your yard or even load it up if you are recruited to cook at your family reunion or another gathering. Freestanding grills provide plenty of cooking options. Napoleon's freestanding options all come with side burners for flexibility. Easy to use control knobs makes temperature adjustments easy, allowing you to get things cooking or slow them down as needed. For those with a spot for an outdoor kitchen, a built-in Napoleon outdoor grill is the perfect fit. The attractive design and stylish appearance make a built-in Napoleon grill the centerpiece of any outdoor space. Don't worry about giving up options when choosing a built-in model. Napoleon's built-in designs come with all the great features available in their freestanding models.

Selecting a Grill

When the time comes to choose the right grill for your family, you want something that will last. Napoleon outdoor grills promise to do so. With their stainless steel design and cast iron grates, your grill will not only do an amazing job cooking, but it will continue to look great for years. Forget replacing your grill every few years, burning the outside of your foods while the inside is cold, and spending more time lighting the grill than it would take to cook your food inside. When you are ready to enjoy grilling again, choose Napoleon.

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