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Napoleon Liquid Propane Gas Grills

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Napoleon Liquid Propane Gas Grills

When grilling season arrives, you'll be ready with a Napoleon grill. The quality of your steaks won't matter if you don't have the right equipment to grill them on. That's why so many backyard BBQ chefs put their trust in Napoleon. Impress your friends and family at cookouts as you serve up meat, fish, chicken, and veggies with those signature grill marks they've come to expect from a liquid propane gas grill.

Napoleon gas grills come in both freestanding and built-in models. Many customers prefer freestanding grills so they can be easily moved into storage when the weather turns cold. Others prefer built-in models which become a permanent fixture in outdoor kitchens. Whatever your preference, Abt has a model of Napoleon gas grill for you.

Freestanding Napoleon Gas Grills

A grill like the Napoleon Prestige 665 has a lot to offer in a stainless steel liquid propane gas model. It's freestanding so it can be rolled out of the hot summer sun if needed. Its Instant Jetfire™ Ignition means super fast lighting of each gas burner. The liquid propane gas goes through a ceramic plate where it ignites and heats to 800°C in 30 seconds so you can get to searing those steaks. Or maybe the rear Infrared Rotisserie Burner is what you'll use most as you low spit roast chicken.

Safety when grilling is always a concern, especially with young children around. That's what makes the built-in safety light in the Prestige model so appealing. Night Light grilling knobs use SafetyGlow technology so they change colors when they're on and using gas and when they're turned off.

Napoleon Built-In Grills

For a built-in option, consider the Prestige Pro 500 which looks great in any outdoor kitchen setup. Customers love the wave-shape grate patterns and the extra-thick stainless steel grates. They're solid yet easy to clean and very low maintenance. Other features include the Proximity Lighting Display which shines the Napoleon logo on the ground when it senses you are close by and ready to cook. Interior halogen lights provide more than enough light for grilling at night and the Lift Ease Centre-Gravity Roll Top Lid lets gravity do the heavy lifting as it saves grill space by extending past the rear of the grill. With a cooking area of nearly 500 square inches, there's enough room to cook 31 burgers at the same time.

Napoleon gas grills look great but don't forget to protect them from the elements with a grill cover. This ensures your grill will last for many years. And make sure you have all of the grilling accessories you need to create your barbecue masterpieces.

Find Your Napoleon Gas Grill Today

We hope this gives you a good idea of the different models of Napoleon gas grills we have available. If you still need help deciding or are wondering about other key features and specs, give an Abt grilling expert a call today. They'll help you turn up the heat on your outdoor cookouts. Call us at 800-860-3577.

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