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Rotel Preamplifiers

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Rotel Preamplifiers

Rotel preamps deliver impeccable audio quality, especially when compared to that offered by all-in-one units like integrated amplifiers or receivers. Their high-performance power supplies use custom-built toroidal transformers to deliver stable current to all critical circuits. The results are nothing short of astonishing for both analog and digital sources, providing low-noise isolation between the analog and digital inputs. Plus, custom-made slit-foil capacitors ensure tight bass performance thanks to their quick charge/discharge times and low signal loss.

Rotel has earned a reputation among the greats of the high fidelity audio world since 1961. And Rotel audio preamps are a perfect example of the quality you can expect from all of their products. These stereo preamplifiers combine innovative technology with stylish designs, ensuring your system looks as good as it sounds. With sleek front panels and a vast array of inputs and outputs on the back, a Rotel preamplifier is an essential piece of equipment for hobbyists and audiophiles alike.

For those planning to enjoy crisp, clear audio from their favorite records, be sure to select a Rotel preamp that supports the cartridge type of your turntable. All of these models provide a moving magnet phono stage. But if you're using a moving coil cartridge, you'll want to look at the high-end models that support both MC and MM cartridges. Pair the model that best meets your needs with a Rotel stereo amplifier and a pair of bookshelf speakers to hear your favorite music as its artists intended.

If you need help deciding which Rotel preamp is right for your setup, reach out to the professionals in our Custom Audio and Video Department. You can reach them by phone at 847.544.2307 or email at [email protected]. They know the perfect questions to ask to determine your needs and are happy to explain any concepts or details you may need clarified to help you design the audio system of your dreams. But if you already know what you need, order your new Rotel preamplifier today and we'll have it out to you in no time!

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