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Over the last half-century, Rotel have made a name for themselves within the audiophile crowd by constantly producing high-end audio equipment that meets the standards of even the most discerning listeners. But Rotel amps and other products reach out from within that upper echelon by offering one of the best performance to value ratios in the industry. Rotel products are not out of the reach of the enthusiast listener.

Every Rotel Amp is a result of the Balanced Design Concept, which Rotel describes as "superior sound through a better design philosophy." The concept relies on the convergence of the best possible part selection, advanced audio engineering and circuit design, plus an honest, continuous assessment of the developing and finished products with a critical ear. Rotel engineers don't just understand audio on paper. They also spend countless hours listening to every component, in every configuration, to arrive at the perfect fusion of both, the pairing that produces the best audio reproduction possible. The result is a line of audio amplifiers, tuners and receivers that is second to none in the audio industry, gaining Rotel a trusted following from listeners at every level of expertise.

What Our Customers Say About Us

  • The delivery time was spot on. And the delivery guys were so quick and friendly. They did a fantastic job. Thank you.
    Ada Z. - Neenah, WI
    May 19, 2022