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Samsung Dryers: Gas Dryers

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Samsung Gas Dryers: High Speed, Precision Heat

If your washables and dryables always come out feeling a little damper than they should, then it's time to upgrade to a new laundry set-up. Opt for a next-gen yet budget-friendly model with a Samsung gas dryer. Technological improvements abound over older models (especially if it's been a while since your last refurbished your laundry room). Modern versions of these high-heat devices are designed with all the new technology that other major appliances have enjoyed for years, from improvements in smart technology to energy-saving processes.

Samsung gas dryers combine the best of classic and new technologies in each iteration no matter your budget or home set up. Unless you want to turn to the old-fashioned clothesline, you'll need a high-tech machine for weekend laundry days. Let everyone in the home bring their clothes, sheets, sports gear, and socks to the laundry room. These machines are able to power through piles in time for the Monday morning panic over finding matching socks and school uniforms.

Why Go for Gas?

There are two kinds of these heat-friendly appliances on the market when it comes to fuel source: electric and gas. To use either you'll need an outlet that fits your device's plug type, and to use the ones mentioned on this page you'll need a natural gas or propane-fueled hookup in your home. Samsung gas dryers enjoy a slight speed advantage over electric versions, meaning that you'll get to cleaner clothes as fast as possible with one of these appliances on your side.

That boost in speed is just one reason why many opt for this fuel type, while another significant factor is the cost of operation. Samsung gas dryers tend to incur a lower cost of operation over time than their electrical counterparts. For more information on which fuel is best for your home laundry set-up, check out our guide: Gas vs. Electric Dryer: Which One Should You Choose?

The Samsung Difference

Samsung gas dryers bring new cycles and enhancements to every machine they offer. Many of their entry-level models are equipped with a sensor dry function. When enabled, sensor dry makes sure your clothes dry for only as long as they have to—saving energy and ensuring your fabric is treated as gently as possible. You'll find fewer holes in your clothes, and your fabrics will stay softer for longer thanks to this smart tech.

If you're in search of smart programming, opt for a model that supports the Smart Care app. With the app, you can connect your phone or tablet to your laundry machines, then use the interface to diagnose and troubleshoot any error messages you might find. Looking for even more functionality? Choose a Wi-Fi-equipped model. With Wi-Fi capability and help from Bixby, you can remotely stop, start or schedule your machine from anywhere—even when away from home. And with a function that alerts you when a cycle is over, you'll be able to tackle laundry day as fast as possible.

For more information on how to find the best way to dry your clothes, check out our Dryer Buying Guide or head into the store to speak with one of our in-house specialists. You'll get to look at these devices in person, and can see optional accessories like pedestals. Pedestals lift these machines up, making them easier to load and unload.

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