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Sonos Wireless Multi-Room Audio Systems

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Sonos Multi-Room Sound Systems

If you're looking for an easy way to fill your house with music, Sonos multiroom systems are the perfect solution. Since the early 2000s Sonos has worked to reinvent the way we interact with our favorite music. Their team of developers and engineers designed their hardware and software from the ground up. With over 500 patents under their belt, they created the market for wireless multi-room audio in the process.

How Does Sonos Multi-Room Work?

Sonos systems connect to your home network via ethernet or Wi-Fi. They also create a mesh network of their own, Sonosnet, to help prevent dropouts and keep music synced throughout your home. With the Sonos app, you can play music from virtually anywhere over any combination of speakers on the network.

Sonos smart speakers also offer Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant integrations. These virtual assistants allow you to access your favorite streaming services and adjust playback with simple voice commands. They can also check the weather, control other smart home devices, and so much more.

Sonos Wireless Speakers and More

Sonos speakers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. And all of them can be used in concert with one another or on their own. Sonos smart and wireless speakers only require a Wi-Fi connection and a power source. Most simply plug into a standard wall outlet. However, some include batteries that allow them to be moved from room to room effortlessly.

Their soundbars are an excellent alternative to multi-speaker home theater systems. They can simulate surround sound from a single unit or pair with other speakers for an even richer experience. And with an HDMI eARC port, connecting to your television could be simpler.

Sonos multi-room audio systems can even sync with your existing speakers. Just connect the Sonos Port to your receiver to enjoy the simplicity of Sonos with your home theater setup. The Port also allows you to stream music from turntables, cd players, and other devices throughout your home.

Need Help Deciding?

Read through our Speaker Buying Guide for information on the different types of speakers and the details that matter most. Or take a look at our article comparing soundbars and surround sound systems to see which is right for you.

For more personalized advice, reach out to our Custom Audio and Video Department at 847.544.2307 or [email protected]. They'll gladly answer any questions you may have and can help you design the perfect system for your home. But if you know what you need, order your new Sonos multiroom system today! And get ready for a new way to experience music!

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