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Sonos Home Audio at Abt

Shop Sonos Wireless Speakers, Subwoofers, Soundbars, Stereo Systems and more today!

Sonos Beam now with Google Assistant
Sonos Wireless Speakers, Subwoofers, Soundbars, Stereo Systems and more today
SONOS Play:1 wireless speaker
SONOS SUB - Subwoofer
Music, TV and movies. Sound that brings you together. The all new Sonos Beam

In a little over a decade, Sonos has become the industry leader in wireless audio technology, revolutionizing the way people fill their homes with music. No matter where you are, in your house or outside, you can listen to music in high quality with no strings attached. Sonos brings a whole new level of audio experience, putting you in the middle of your favorite music.

No matter what you are looking for, whether it is on your work desk, around the house, or the life of the party, Sonos has the right music system to meet your needs. Their wide variety of sound bars, subwoofers, and wireless speakers provide a great selection for your listening preference.

Sonos is known for their all-in-one speakers that give you complete control and unsurpassed audio quality. The Sonos PLAY series offers you a variety of exceptional speakers, no matter the situation. With the touch of a few buttons, you can select a song, raise and lower the volume or pause your music from across the room, or in another part of your home. The audio from a Sonos wireless system is so powerful; it will sound great, no matter where you are.

Give yourself the listening freedom you deserve with a Sonos music player from Abt!

For your music

  • Sonos One


    The Smart Speaker for Music Lovers
    Sonos One with Google Assistant and
    Amazon Alexa built in.
  • Sonos PLAY:1


    The mini home speaker with
    mighty sound.
  • Sonos PLAY:5


    Our biggest home speaker with the
    boldest sound.

For your TV

  • Sonos Beam Soundbar


    The smart, compact soundbar
    for your TV.
  • Sonos PLAYBASE


    Widescreen sound and music
    streaming for TVs on stands and
  • Sonos


    The home theater soundbar and
    streaming music speaker in one.
  • Sonos SUB


    Powerful, deep impact bass for
    your home theater and your music.

    Upgrade your stereo

  • Sonos CONNECT


    The instant music streaming upgrade
    for your existing stereo or receiver.
  • Sonos Black Amp Amplifier


    The versatile amplifier for powering
    all your entertainment.


  • Sonos BOOST


    For when existing WiFi isn't reliable
    enough for streaming music.

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