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Sony Alarm Clocks & Personal Radios

The simple designs of Sony alarm clock radios make them the perfect addition to bedside tables. These 4" cubes pack a variety of features into their space-saving designs. Each Sony clock radio includes a battery backup to ensure you wake up on time even after a power outage. Plus, adjustable brightness controls allow you to dim the display, reducing the ambient light in the room to help you sleep easier. And thanks to their automatic Daylight Savings Time adjust, you won't have to pull out the manual to remember how to adjust the clock every six months.

When it's time to get up in the morning, Sony radio alarm clocks offer a handful of options to get you moving. With the gradual wake alarm, the device slowly increases its volume to gently stir you from sleep. Alternatively, you can tune the radio to your favorite AM or FM radio station and wake to the sounds of music or talk radio. If you need something a bit more jarring to break you from the binds of sleep, try the buzzer option. Most models allow you to set dual alarms. So even if you sleep through the first alarm, the second is sure to wake you.

For music on the go, Sony personal radios come in similarly understated designs. These analog devices run on standard AA batteries, making it easy to keep the music running indefinitely. Some models also include an AC adapter, allowing you to plug into any standard outlet. And while these radios include speakers to fill your space with sound, they also come equipped with a headphone jack so that you can enjoy your music privately. If you're looking for a more robust set of features, you might be interested in a Sony Bluetooth or portable speaker.

Order your new Sony alarm clock or personal radio today to bring more music into your life! If you need help deciding which model is right for you, touch base with our in house experts at 800-860-3577. Or, if you prefer doing your own research, read through our Clock Radio Buying Guide. At Abt, we want to make sure you love the products you take home and will do all we can to ensure that you do.

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