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Clock Radio Buying Guide

A comprehensive guide that will give you all the information you need on how to buy a new clock radio.

Getting Started

Clock radios aren't all created equal. There are hundreds of different models, brands, and styles. Below we have simplified the major things to look for when purchasing a clock radio.


Choose a new clock radio that you are going to be happy looking at when you wake up in the morning. Clock radios come in many different styles and colors. Find one that fits your room. You also need to understand the purpose of your clock radio. Determine if you plan on using it solely as an alarm clock or as a source of audio in the bedroom.

Waking up with your clock radio

Many alarms act and sound different, but most have built-in alarms that play music. The source of music can be from the radio, a CD player, or an iPod. Some clock radios offer dual alarms which allow for an everyday alarm and an alarm for special occasions. More expensive models offer increased volume as the alarm goes on and automatic settings that turn off the alarm on weekends. Read each model's features to find the ones that you need most.


Every clock radio has a unique set of features. Some offer pre-set radio stations, some provide back-up power in case of a power failure, others allow you to dock your iPod for easy connection or let you control your music/alarm by remote. The newest and most advanced clock radios even allow you to stream music from your home network.

Sound Quality

The best way to determine the sound quality of a clock radio is by the size of the speakers. Chances are bigger speakers will mean your clock radio is tailored to deliver enhanced sound quality. Also, clock radios with built-in CD players or iPod connectivity will offer better sound quality.

Clock Display

If you plan on keeping your alarm clock far from your bed, make sure you choose a clock that is large enough and bright enough to see. Some units offer adjustable light controls or automatic dimmers when you turn the room lights off.

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