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Bring the Theater Home with a Sony Projector

Why settle for a 50, 60, even a 70" TV when you can enjoy screen sizes as large as 300" by bringing a Sony projector into your home. With one of these impressive machines providing the picture to your entertainment room, you'll be able to experience the lifelike quality of 4K with a larger than life image. Don't worry if your movie room doesn't have quite enough room for a 300" screen, Sony Projectors make it easy to adapt to any setting. Short-throw models let you rest the projector mere inches from the screen and still enjoy a gorgeous 4K image that stretches more than 100" from corner to corner. With several models supporting IMAX Enhanced content, Sony Projectors let you enjoy the theater experience from the comfort of your couch.

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  • Excellent service, very fast shipping. Best price available.
    Ben P. - Portland, OR
    July 7, 2021