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Hailed as the titan of audio and visual technology, Sony began with a single transistor radio in 1958. Since then, the technological juggernaut has only grown, but they still stay true to their roots in sonic history with these Sony wireless headphones.

For these devices, a lack of wires does not mean loss of sound. Big beats still land, songs play uninterrupted, and nothing gets tangled up. Whether you're heading out for a run or turning on noise-canceling mode to take a nap, add a little music to your life with Sony wireless headphones.

Jam Out

Music lovers of all kinds agree—the one thing your favorite playlist has to be is portable. And while you might not be able to take a classic boombox anywhere these days without getting weird looks, it's easier than ever to bring music with you thanks to wireless headphones. It seems like everyone has to have a pair (or two) on themselves. But how do you pick out the ones that are right for you?

First, it's a good idea to consider your price point and how you want to use them. If you're looking for a reasonably priced set for casual listening, consider earbuds attached by a slim wire. These are easy to wear and hard to lose thanks to the connecting cord. Looking for a more immersive experience? Check out our collection of on-ear Sony wireless headphones for boosted bass and realistic audio. The classic design provides hi-fi sound and a comfortable fit for wearers, and many them come with noise-canceling technology.

Work Out

Hoping to get in a workout while listening to a playlist or podcast? Get out there and hit the pavement with some of Sony's in-ear headphones. These Truly Wireless buds are designed for a comfy fit inside the ear and stay in even when running or cycling. For a truly workout-proof device, look for options that are water- and sweat-resistant.

Keep the energy going with long charges that last up to thirteen full hours, then stash your Truly Wireless Headphones in their charging case to refuel. If you're in a hurry, keep them in here for just a ten-minute charge. You'll get an extra sprint of power that will last one hour. Whether you're squatting, lifting, or lunging into yoga poses, BLUETOOTH® technology connects your phone to wireless earbuds for synchronized listening. There's no lag, no stuttering, and no skipping--unless skipping is a part of your workout.

Tune Out

Two words: Noise Canceling. A revolution in the way we listen to music, and a revelation for napping enthusiasts and light sleepers everywhere. Noise-canceling models play your music, and only your music, wire free. Slide your Sony wireless headphones on for a filtered audio experience that excludes all else. Noise-canceling headphones go way beyond music, too. Stream movies, hear podcasts and listen to the news in your private bubble. Light sleepers and peace seekers can switch on silent mode and close their eyes to create their private oasis.

Pick Out!

Still not sure which ones are right for you? Check out our buying guide for headphones and learn more about what should go on, in, or around your ears. Or, give us a call or come into the store to try our Sony wireless headphones in person. We're always happy to help you find the right product that works for your lifestyle.

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