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Ventilate Your Kitchen in Style with Thermador Wall Hoods

Ranges and cooktops are essential kitchen appliances where families cook meals nearly every day. However, these appliances can cause grease splatters, smoke, and smells that can negatively impact your kitchen over time. The solution is to introduce ventilation into your kitchen. Proper ventilation in your kitchen is important to preserve the finish of walls and cabinets and keep odors at bay. There are several ways to install ventilation and one of the most popular options is a wall hood. As their name suggests, wall hoods are installed on a wall in your kitchen above your cooktop or range. They are not designed to be suspended from the ceiling. Thermador offers a full lineup of wall hoods to fit any kitchen setup. These Thermador hoods come in multiple styles: standard wall hoods, chimney wall hoods, and drawer wall hoods. Their standard wall hoods even come in low-profile options to take up less space in your kitchen, ideal for smaller spaces. Each style of Thermador hoods has its own unique benefits. If you're looking for reliable ventilation that can easily fit into any space, standard wall hoods are a good choice. These occupy less square footage on your wall, great for low ceilings or smaller kitchens. If you're looking for an especially compact ventilator, the low-profile hoods are ideal. If you're looking for a statement piece that will transform your kitchen, look no further than the chimney wall hood. Chimney wall hoods have a chute or flue (hence their name) with a hood beneath. Their internal fan wipes out steam, smoke, and odors. The most unique of these appliances is the drawer hood. Thermador makes drawer hoods on both their standard and chimney models. The drawer can be pulled out to increase the amount of contaminants captured and pushed back in for a streamlined look.

Choosing Your Range Hood

Once you've picked out your wall hood style, you need to consider size. Thermador hoods come in multiple sizes to accommodate multiple cooktop sizes. Your range hood needs to be at least as wide as your cooktop, but if you can spare a couple extra inches, the additional ventilation will be beneficial. Standard cooktops are 30" but Thermador has hoods that surpass 54" to fit the largest kitchens. While many people associate kitchen ventilation with loud-blowing exhausts, Thermador hoods are designed to operate quietly, whether through their Powerfully Quiet® or Noise Control Technology™ features. Another upgrade on these hoods is the ability to control your appliance with WiFi and the Home Connect™ app. It's important to turn on the hood before you begin cooking for proper ventilation; with controls at your fingertips, you'll never forget. Whether you have a gas or electric stove, a range hood is a must to protect your kitchen cabinets and your health. Thermador hoods offer high-quality ventilation with a modern look for any kitchen. If this is your first range hood, we recommend reading our range hood buying guide to help you make an informed buying decision. If you have additional questions, call our experts at 800-860-3577.

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