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Traeger Drip Pan for Grill

Grill pans are an essential addition to any grill setup, whether you have a simple freestanding grill or an elaborate outdoor kitchen. Having a drip pan on your grill or smoker helps reduce flare ups by catching grease and fat while also making cleanup easier once you're done cooking. Drip pans catch these drippings, which build up on grates and burners, causing flare ups on your Traeger grill. Over time, grates and burners caked in grease won't work as well as they should, so drip pans are a great way to prolong the life of your grill and reduce the frequency of purchasing replacement parts. Grease pans aren't just for catching drippings and discarding them, though. They also collect the drippings so they can be used to make gravy or sauces. A delicious rib roast will let off juices that can be turned into a delicious gravy to spread over the meat once you're done cooking. Fatty drippings are always a great base for gravy or sauce, no matter what kind of meat you're grilling. You can also use your foil pan to separate charcoal to create heating zones on your grill and cook using the indirect heating method. Soak your wood pellets to prepare them for use in one foil pan and insert another into the grease pan for mess-free cooking from start to finish.

Many Traeger pellet grills feature built-in drip trays or grease pans, which can be both convenient and cost-saving. However, a drip pan for a grill can get increasingly dirty over time, especially if you don't remember to clean it every time you use your grill or smoker. While regular cleaning is important, sometimes the last thing you want to do after cooking for hours is to take apart your grill and scrub a grease pan. Trager sells aluminum liners that can fit over your built-in drip pan for your grill, which significantly reduces the time you'll spend cleaning your grill after you've just grilled a delicious meal. The liners come in multipacks so you can change out your liner frequently and keep your grill clean. The cleaner you keep your grill, the less likely animals or insects will be attracted to it. There is a Traeger drip pan for every grill, whether you have a Timberline or an Ironwood model, so be sure you select the right liners for your grill. A proper fit ensures that grease won't drip between the liner and the tray, which renders the aluminum tray useless as you'll have to clean the tray anyway. However, just because you've purchased plenty of liners doesn't mean you shouldn't be cleaning the grease drip tray. Be sure to gently scrub off any buildup with a scraper and wipe down the tray with a paper towel afterwards. The Traeger drip pan for grill offering also includes grease bucket liners. Traeger grease buckets hang from your grill to catch grease and oil runoff similar to a drip pan. The bucket liners are also made of heat-resistant foil and can help cut down on cleaning time while also prolonging the life of your bucket.

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