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Weber Grill Utensils

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Weber Grill Utensils

Even the most skilled grillmasters need the proper gear in order to get from raw beef to gourmet stuffed cheeseburger. And while that involves choosing the Weber grill that fits your needs, there's more to grilling than just the machine. You might not think of "accessorizing" your backyard barbecue as a necessity, but these grills need unique tools to make the best foods possible. That's why the engineers at Weber created their own line of grill utensils made distinctly for hot outdoor cooking. Leave the plastic spatulas inside, and equip yourself with the real tools for the job.

The Essentials: Weber Grilling Utensil Set

When you think of barbecue tools, the first thing that pops into your head is probably "spatula". But you're going to need more than the average spatula to cook up wings, steaks, kabobs, and veggies. Weber grill utensils are made up of elongated and angled spatulas, lockable tongs, and stiff forks. These are designed with a stainless steel finish and ergonomic handles, making gripping and turning more stable than ever. An angled neck on the spatula makes for easy sliding, too—yet another reason to leave your plastic tools inside (aside from high heats possibly melting them to your griddle).

At the end of each set of tongs, spatula, and fork is a metal loop. These are designed to hang from the side of certain Weber BBQs, meaning you'll never have to take up valuable patio table space with stray cutlery. Keep ingredients and seasonings off the table altogether by picking a barbecue with attached wings, like the Spirit II or Genesis II. These wings are wide enough to stash any necessary fixings, as well as gadgets like a proper basting brush for pure saucing applications, or this burger press to help get the correct shape every time.

Weber Support

Not sure which Weber grill utensils you need to fry up your faves? Give our in-house grill experts a call, or check out our Outdoor Grill Buying Guide. Here, our experts break apart backyard cookery piece by piece, helping you to discover which gear you need (and what you really don't). Alternatively, come visit the store for a closer look at the grills and gear we have out on the floor. Our experts will be able to find the tools you need to make sure your next barbecue is filled with flavor and fun—and not melted plastic spatulas.

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