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Wolf is a top choice for anyone looking to build a beautiful home kitchen. With their BBQ grills, you can take that same craftsmanship outdoors. The stainless steel construction offers universal durability and style that will look great no matter where you place your grill in your backyard. With our selection of Wolf outdoor grills, you'll be able to take your outdoor entertaining to the next level. From family BBQs to all-night parties with your friends, the right BBQ is crucial to getting the most out of your backyard or outdoor kitchen. Abt offers Wolf BBQ grills that span just about every category, including natural gas and liquid propane fuel options as well as built-in models that are designed for seamless installation in your outdoor kitchen island. With an additional assortment of grill accessories, you'll find everything you need to host a fabulous outdoor dinner or just cook a great meal outside in the summer.

Wolf BBQ Grills for Every Grill Master

The type of grill you choose depends on personal preference and where you live. If portability or ease of movement are a priority, a liquid propane grill is a better option. Wolf's liquid propane models are built for exceptional high to low control with individually contained burners. They're also available in multiple sizes so you can pick the option that best fits into your setup. If you're seeking an option with an unlimited power supply, you want a natural gas Wolf BBQ grill. As with the liquid propane models, Wolf's natural gas grills are available in multiple sizes so you can pick the proper grill size that fits your outdoor kitchen and your entertaining style, whether you prefer low-key and intimate or large, bustling backyard barbecues. Many Wolf grills have the option to be installed built-in or on a freestanding cart, meaning that you can opt for a freestanding model if you are renting your home then upgrade to a permanent built-in installation should you move to a more permanent residence.

Our selection of outdoor grilling equipment from Wolf also includes reliable covers to protect your investment from the elements as well as side burner modules to expand your outdoor cooking capabilities. The side burners are likewise made of stainless steel and can easily attach to your grill cart. You'll be able to prepare a sauce or side dish as your burgers or brats sizzle on the grill next to it. No matter which BBQ companion you choose, your Wolf outdoor grill or burner module will feature those iconic red knobs, adding an extra bit of flair to the sleek stainless steel design. Whether you're a seasoned grill master or looking to build your first outdoor kitchen, we're here to help. Give our grill experts a call at 800-860-3577 if you have any questions about these products or about the Wolf brand in general. If you've never purchased a grill before, our outdoor grill buying guide breaks down the different options available so you can bring home the right Wolf BBQ grill for your home.

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