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Wolf Ranges

Wolf Ranges

As one of the most renowned names in kitchen appliances and cookery, products by Wolf are crafted to deliver one of the best cooking experiences available through modern means. Whether you're creating your dream kitchen or are an amateur chef who needs more than a regular appliance can provide, you're in the right place. Abt's own Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove Living Kitchen is a testament to just how much Wolf ranges can do. From the moment clients walk in, they notice the brand's signature red knobs across every range. Explore the distinct Wolf ranges we offer and see which model might be the best for your home, from a massive dual-fuel eye-catcher to one of their more classic four- or six-burner models.

Precision in Design

If you're unfamiliar with Wolf at Abt, believe that this brand is beloved and lauded for its design quality. You can feel it just from opening the oven: these kitchen appliances are made to last. That's partially thanks to the materials—high-quality stainless steel gives each model a steady feel. The restaurant-style design syncs perfectly with other appliances (especially stainless steel ones), ensuring that Wolf ranges don't stick out. That is, even though its performance is standout.

Visually, the red knobs and blue interior oven denote the brand that created this appliance. While they're impressive and immediately say "high-end", the red knobs aren't for everyone. Feel free to explore our accessories to find stainless steel and even black ones that better fit your kitchen.

Distinct Fuel Options

Not all chefs love cooking with the same kind of fuel, too. That's why the designers behind Wolf ranges created models that use more than just natural gas fuel (though that is the classic chef's choice). You'll also find the latest dual-fuel models and induction versions. Dual fuel models take the best of both electric and gas-fueled cooking and combine them in one appliance. The oven uses steady electric heat for perfectly-made baked goods. Meanwhile, the cooktop uses easy-to-manage and powerful flame.

The brand has even branched out into induction cooking: you can find induction Wolf ranges that heat via electromagnetic energy. This method is popular for its energy efficiency, quick heating and difference in technology: with induction, the cookware itself becomes the source of heat, meaning nothing is lost to the air nearby. If you know an induction Wolf range is the perfect pick for you, make sure your cookware is magnetic. Otherwise, it's time for a cookware upgrade, too.

Not sure that these are the right appliances for your home? You're in the right place: we have representatives in our Living Kitchen who are well-trained on their entire selection. From sizing to accessories to different burners, we're here to help you customize your kitchen. Speak to one of our specialists to learn more about what your dream kitchen could look like at 800-860-3577, or buy online if you see the perfect pick for your space. Complete your kitchen with matching equipment too, like a built-in coffee maker or new microwave. If you'd rather do your own research from home, check out our Learn Center's range buying guide to explore all that the newest luxury appliances can do.

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