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2GIG Home Security

When it comes to home security in the modern world, intelligence has never meant more. That's why Abt is proud to work with 2GIG: the experts in the field of smart home security. Their high-powered UI platform is depended on by millions of people and beloved by many—if you're building a smart home, the best way to start isn't with a virtual assistant or a smart speaker: it's with 2GIG security.


2GIG channels nearly all of its power into its mighty panel, the 2GIG EDGE. This shining screen easily becomes the center of safety control, with advancements that move leagues beyond competitors. This security-focused tablet is your in-home smart bodyguard. Facial recognition and touch-free control make it easier than ever to maneuver this system's user interface, while voice communication and dual microphones make it easy to communicate both inside and outside the home. 2GIG's EDGE system features all come together to offer some of the best benefits available.

With 2GIG, keeping your space safe doesn't look like fumbling for your keys as you unlock the front door. Instead, it looks like facial recognition that allows you inside the moment you appear. It looks like knowing your data is protected&mdash-privately—on the panel. Cameras, radio signals, sensors that detect broken glass; every detail has been thought of so that you don't have to worry about it. It's all part of why 2GIG products are part of Abt's family of home security.

Start Your Smart Home Here

You're already making an intelligent choice; now it's time to learn how to create a smart home: their Z-Wave system can support and help you build a complete ecosystem of smart products, from outdoor and indoor lighting to a smart doorbell camera. You'll have the complete picture of everything that's going on within your property, from the front door to the back and beyond. Control cameras and set alarms via virtual voice assistants , like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. The entire ecosystem is easy to control and hard to break through.

It gets even easier: not everything has to be done via the beautiful UI on the EDGE tablet. Instead, look to the remote keypad controller for easy yet encrypted operation. The simple fob makes it easy to turn alarms on or off—even call the central monitoring station and turn on the siren with just a push. Simple function and operation, all made to pair perfectly with the record-breaking EDGE.

Home security is nothing to take lightly, and safety is always a priority. That's why our own experts at Abt are ready to help with consultations for you, your space and your needs. Call us at 800-860-3577 to learn more about 2GIG, the brand's products and services and what great gear is designed to keep you as safe as possible. Our location in Glenview, IL is well-outfitted with custom security experts and we'll help you find what you need, from lighting to alarm systems and beyond.


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Delivery of our stove was PHENOMENAL! Received a text with our 2 hour window. Received a call from the delivery crew prior to our delivery time stating they we’re running a bit early asking if they could come right away. ABSOLUTELY! Who doesn’t want to wait around for a delivery. Upon arrival they were considerate of our home and our new stove to make sure they got it in without any damage to both whatsoever. Installed our new stove while explaining every step. We even got a brief tutorial on its operation. Removed the old stove with the same care. Total professionals with high quality service. Special kudos to the Irish fella. He was extremely polite and professional. We will definitely be back to Abt.
Rob R. - Schaumburg, IL
March 23, 2023