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Arcade1Up: Better Than You'll Remember

If you spent some of the best days of your youth playing with friends inside slightly-dingy game-centric hangout spots, there's a decent chance you miss the glory days of your youth. Instead of slamming controllers left and right or pounding on buttons to save the princess or race your friends to the finish line, these days you're scrolling social media. Bring the excitement back to your home with gear from Arcade1Up. These forward-thinking engineers of all things fun have designed accessories featuring everyone's favorite characters, like adjustable stools, signs, shadowboxes and risers. But Arcade1Up's truest triumph lies in their interactive entertainment.

Gaming Beyond Expectations

While the newest consoles and hyper-capable PCs focus only on high-caliber performance, they can sometimes miss out on the fun inherent in classic playstyles. Instead of channeling all your energy into 4K-capable screens and the newest AAA programs, opt for vintage fun with activities from Arcade1Up. Look for boxy cabinets reminiscent of what you might find in a roller rink from the '90s, or keep an eye out for a table-top version of classic games that reach even further back in time like PAC-MAN™. Place one or two of these in your basement to make the perfect hangout spot for fun at any age. Let younger players gather around to experience the old classics for the first time, or invite your older friends over to try their hands at favorites from decades past.

Arcade1Up is ready with programs for any type of player. Fighters can battle it out within two-player fighting adventures, where they attempt to destroy each other or join together to battle against enemies. Alternatively, opt for single-person games where players go up against the computer itself, leveling up against tougher stages and enemies as the games progress. The brand is always coming out with new ways to play with friends, too. Look for exciting picks like their Infinity Game table, which comes loaded with classic board games like Candy Land™, Scrabble™, Yahtzee™ and many more. Download others to play digital versions of the activities you loved as a child. Keep in mind that new programs are being added all the time, allowing users to keep having fun with this touchscreen even once they're used to the classics.

Hoping To Build The Bar Of Your Dreams?

If you're redesigning your man cave or soon-to-be bar, you're going to need more than just a few bar stools and an ice maker. Instead of focusing all of your energy on making drinks, make sure you've got some recreation ready for guests who could be coming over. Pair your Arcade1Up game with a pinball machine, or make a billiards table the centerpiece of your space. Giving your guests something more to do than sit, drink and watch the game on TV is a must-have for any next-gen space. Make sure you're well-equipped for every activity, cocktail hour, party or hangout.

Not Sure Where To Start Gaming?

If you're having a hard time picking out the best Arcade1Up products for your home, you're in the right spot. Our team of experts at Abt has been helping clients to build their perfect basement bars and fun-loaded respites for years. Whether you're hoping to turn yours into an all-out gaming space or a home theater hybrid area, you'll find everything you need at Abt. Give us a call at 800-860-3577 to speak to an expert, or head into The Cave in the Abt Atrium to see some of our products for yourself.