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Basement Watchdog Battery Backup Sump Pumps

Basement Watchdog Backup Sump Pumps at Abt

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Basement Watchdog

There's nothing worse than waking up after an evening thunderstorm to see that your sump pump has failed. And for more than one reason: sump pumps protect homes from all kinds of damage, from rainwater to plumbing mishaps and overflows. That's why founder Alan Schulman created the initial Basement Watchdog Big Dog monitoring system. He saw the true issue in sump pump failure— battery, pump and power conditions all needed to work together properly in order for proper water removal to work. The brand's initial system monitored all aspects of battery health, and sounded an alarm when maintenance was necessary.

Three decades later, the modern products by Basement Watchdog use the same principles of innovation via detection. Now the brand creates all kinds of next-gen products designed to protect your home from damage. Things like water sensors, emergency pumps, battery operated units and more are all crafted with safety in mind. And the best part? You'll always be kept in the loop in case something goes wrong when equipped with a well-designed fluid sensor. Explore all that Basement Watchdog at Abt can do to keep your home and belongings safe.

Stronger Than A Sump Pump

While Basement Watchdog makes their own line of sump pumps, they're well-equipped to handle even the toughest of situations. Explore their catalogue at Abt and see what picks are best for your home. If all you need is might, keep an eye out for models with high capacities that move fast. Or maybe you have a model you're completely happy with, but need to keep your home and belongings safe with a backup pump. These models by Basement Watchdog leap into place when they're needed. They're powered by external batteries, making them perfect for those rough storms when the power goes out. Other situations where you might need a backup model by Basement Watchdog? A power shortage or at moments where your main pump gets completely overwhelmed—at these moments, you'll always want to have extra help going to work. The result might mean the difference between damage to your home and a calm rainstorm just passing by.

Smart Tech That Keeps You Alert

The original inspiration that began Basement Watchdog lives on in its alerting technologies, updated with the newest smart tech. Explore products in their CONNECT series: these plumbing products connect to your smart devices via Wi-Fi with a little help from a separate Wi-Fi module. These sensors monitor everything that keeps your gear alive and working, like battery fluid levels. In addition to Wi-Fi alerts sent to your smart devices, these products often give you audible and visual alarms. There are even separate sensor and alarm kits designed to be installed in sump pits or near water monitoring spaces (hot water heaters, air conditioners, under sinks, etc.) You'll know the moment that the sensor is in 1/32 inches of water. That's intelligent plumbing by Basement Watchdog, made for the latest in water removal and home protection.

If you're not sure quite what you need to protect your basement, our team of experts is here. Call us at 800-860-3577 to learn more from our specialists, or read up on your own with our sump pump buying guide from Abt's Learn Center.

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