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Best® Hoods: Superlative Air Filtration

When it comes to crafting culinary spaces, there are some kitchen appliances you undoubtedly need, like refrigerators, ovens, and cooktops. But this classic filtering device is just as important as these other household staples, and rarely receives the attention it deserves. While these utilitarian air cleaners are often meant to fade into the background, the engineers at Best® Hoods think differently. Each of their creations is inspired by Italian design, from the classic overhead range version to the cutting-edge downdraft. Sleek stainless steel and modern lines give every product a hint of penthouse style. Dive into their catalog to find a product that fits your home's look from Best® Hoods.

The Traditional Over-Range Model

Whether you're frying an egg, sauteing veggies, or searing steaks on the griddle, there's bound to be some residue, and not just on your countertop. Smoke, steam, oil, and chemical fumes can vaporize when heated, and end up floating around your kitchen. From here those particles can land on cabinetry (giving your kitchen a greasy look) or be inhaled.

That's where the traditional Best® hood comes in. These stainless steel devices hang above your home's range and have one simple function: clean the air as you cook. When users switch them on, a gentle fan funnels fumes up into the ductwork and out of the house. These chimney-style filters have made a comeback in newer homes where sleek shapes are on display. And while many next-gen kitchens are sporting air filters that hide in countertops and ceilings, the classic overhead model still stands as one of the most popular versions around.

The Downdraft

Using similar technology in a different direction, the downdraft has become a staple in open-concept kitchens with stoves built into the islands. Instead of interrupting the flow of the room with a suspended structure, these downdrafts hide in plain sight. The Best® Hoods Cattura line rises with the push of a button, emerging from your countertop. It works the same as a vertical hanging chimney, but draws air down into ductwork installed below the island instead of above. When you're finished cooking, your downdraft lowers back into your countertop until it's time to make your next meal.

Hiding Overhead

While downdrafts and chimneys have the market cornered on the most popular air filters homeowners know by name, Best® Hoods has another concept for filtering air above islands. Their Cirrus products are installed directly into the ceiling in an open-concept kitchen, and are nearly invisible. Easily mistaken for a lighting panel, the Cirrus' low profile design is perfect for those who love the concept of a hidden downdraft that still works with your ceiling's current ductwork.

Find One That's Perfect for You

If you're not sure which product is right for your home's look or your cooking needs, check out our Range Hood Buying Guide. Here, our experts take a deep dive into all the different types available on the market today, itemizing which ones are made for different purposes. In search of more personalized help? Give our specialists a call at 800-860-3577 and we'll help you pick the one that best matches your needs and style.