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Upgrade Your Home Sound System with Classé at Abt

Classé is a high-performance audio brand that offers a variety of home theater and music components including surround sound processors, preamplifiers and amplifiers. The idea for Classé began in Montreal in 1979. At the time, founder Mike Viglas was creating his own hi-fi systems, but when he heard the sound of the solid-state amplifiers engineer David Reich was building, he was immediately inspired. Shortly after, the two started the company. Just a year later, the DR-2 was created, a 25W stereo amplifier that operated in Class A (which inspired their brand name). Other newer amplifier models followed, all designed with reliability and natural sound at the forefront. In 2001, Classé became a part of the Bowers & Wilkins Group and in 2018, they were acquired by Sound United, which is the parent company of audio brands like Denon, Polk, Marantz and Definitive Technology. Many of these high-quality brands are sold right here at Abt. Today, each Classé device is curated by their dedicated design team in Montreal. All manufacturing, though, is sent to the legendary Shirakawa Audio Works in Japan, to ensure that all products are constructed with precision to deliver a top-notch performance. Their amplifiers and preamplifiers are so well regarded in the audio industry that they are used not only in homes but also in professional recording studios and mastering facilities all around the world.

Luxury Devices Built For High-End Audio

At Abt, we carry both preamplifiers and amplifiers from Classé. If you're not sure what the difference between these products is, be sure to check out our article diving into the details. The Classé Delta preamplifier line can support a vast amount of audio styles, whether digital or analog. These devices provide controlled and clean signals to the power stage and use short signal paths to minimize interference. The custom-made Navcom® feet on the Delta devices also absorb and reduce unwanted vibrations. These preamplifiers offer 0.25dB volume step precision so you can always find your ideal sound level. They also support both stereo and mono subwoofer connections for better bass control. Just choose from a variety of input sources including USB, coaxial, AES/EBU, optical, XLR, HDMI and RCA connections. Settings for the preamplifiers can be adjusted using the responsive touchscreen controls.

Classé amplifiers, on the other hand, are split into two categories, stereo and mono. Both the Delta stereo and mono amplifiers are compact but offer exceptional performance and extreme power. The stereo models can deliver 12.5W of power output in Class A operation but can handle a total of 250W per channel. Delta mono amplifiers can deliver 35W of power output in Class A operation but can handle a total of 300W per channel. Both the Delta stereo and mono amplifiers deliver amazing clarity, natural sound and an expansive dynamic range, with a focus on preserving the complete separation of channels. Both amplifiers feature hand-laid six-layer circuit boards for shortened power pathways and signals, 22 four-pole Mundorf® capacitors and plenty more. The best part about the Delta amplifiers and other Classé devices is their commitment to both sound capability and beauty. The amplifiers are built with superb material and a minimalistic design, perfectly complementing other products in the Delta series. Between the luxurious anodized aluminum body and the custom-designed illuminated VU meters, you'll be able to keep track of your audio in the most attractive way possible. Continue learning about sound system devices like these with our audio buying guides and depend on the Abt audio experts to answer all of your remaining Classé questions at 800-860-3577.