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Coastal Source

Coastal Source

Coastal Source: Outdoor Lighting, Audio & More

Coastal Source: custom outdoor lighting and audio solutions designed to fit your home perfectly. With roots in the Florida Keys, this brand is familiar with the challenges brought on by UV-lighting damage, wind, water, salt and sand. Their goal is to create products that will surpass competitors that may set the standard—but the products at Coastal Source exceed expectations. Even further than that, they hope to help people enjoy the beauty of their outdoor spaces with a little help from modern technology. Brighten corners, illuminate your entire patio and keep every part of your outdoor space safe. It's all about outdoor lighting design and creating the soundtrack to your life with a little help from Coastal Source's own outdoor audio systems. Design your dream backyard, waterfront or front garden with help from automated systems ready to weather the storm.

Why Invest in Your Outside? Safety and Style

Whether you're illuminating an angled front walkway or casting light across your lakehouse pier, nighttime conditions can sometimes be hazardous. Outdoor lighting brings an extra element of safety to your home and helps folks both young and old to enjoy evenings in peace. Choose between different product models to best match your space's needs, whether that's a high-up series of bulbs that illuminates your entire patio, or smaller knee-high models to showcase things like beloved garden features and paths. Hoping to keep stairs visible even in the dark of night? Use outdoor lighting solutions designed specifically to showcase every single one and avoid unnecessary trips or falls. Leave flashlights inside and never worry about using up your phone's poor-quality flashlight again. Instead, explore options from Coastal Source that are designed to keep your home looking its best and being its absolute safest.

Backyard Audio: The Party Comes Outside

It's all about acoustics when it comes to interior audio—but the rules change when you head outside with speakers. Suddenly that portable speaker might not be as powerful as it was without the walls to reflect sound, and the wide range of space can allow some noise to get lost. Coastal Source's outdoor speakers are designed with these challenges in mind. With speakers that range from statement-making and massive to tiny and hidden, each model packs a punch. Place yours beside your entertainment space and patio chairs, throughout your yard or even along your path— these should go anywhere you want to hear your music. Some models are designed with built-in subwoofers, while users can add individual subwoofers to add a little more bass to your beat.

These high-quality outdoor lighting and audio systems are designed with the user in mind, but the user doesn't have to pick or install on their own. Instead, reach out to the experts at Abt electronics to start building your dream backyard or front garden. Head into the store to see our experts in person or give our team a call at 800-860-3577 for tailored advice and help in choosing the products that are right for your home. We're happy to come out to the home for a consultation, too. Doing some research from home? Check out our outdoor speaker system buying guide.

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