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No brand lives up to its name quite like Creative does. These engineers of all things audiological are multimedia masters. And they've been famous for decades. Here, it all started with Sound Blaster sound cards. These PC-ready sound cards from Creative Labs adjust the way that users interact with the audio coming from their computers. When properly installed, these help users to hear better audio, whether they're listening to music, streaming videos, playing video games or making video calls. Ever since their computer accessories took off, the brand has been working on new ways to create the best audio possible through different electronics. Explore some of their best equipment at Abt.

Experience Creative Labs' Speakers

These monuments to audio don't always look as small as a computer chip. The brand makes all kinds of speakers for the modern audio lover, whether you're in search of the best and brightest high-fidelity music or prefer an easy-to-install soundbar. soundbars by Creative are as versatile as can be: explore different ways you can use one, like hearing booming audio from the new blockbuster on TV. Once you're finished watching, it's easy to pair a smartphone with the same speaker to play music.

While it's all about flexibility on the consumer's end, it's about expertise for Creative Labs. The Singaporean engineers work to ensure speakers and soundbars work their best: explore models that come with separate subwoofers, multi-channel versions and more. The best part? It's all budget-friendly compared to much of the market.

Computers need more than just cards, too. Creative Labs' computer speakers bring life to the audio within. These are perfect for any gaming or desktop setup, or can be set up satellite-style on either side of a work or study laptop. You won't miss a word of your next meeting or class, and none of it will be fumbled in a pair of headphone wires. Gamers, online employees and streamers alike can all appreciate the best of these computer accessories.

Gear Made for Gamers

Their biggest upstart product was designed for PCs, and the company continues to make equipment designed just for those who play. Explore their gaming equipment like headsets complete with microphones: these are perfect for serious gamers who play online. Beat up contenders with a group of your friends, or fight your own friends in battle royale games to see who's the best. Either way, you'll hear everything, from effects and music to cries of victory. If hulking headsets aren't your thing, opt for those full-size speakers by Creative Labs instead.

If you're having a hard time choosing between different soundbars, speakers and sound cards, help isn't far. Abt first began as a radio shop, helping people to pick out the perfect audio equipment for their needs. We're still doing it over 85 years later: give us a call at 800-860-3577 to speak to our specialists. For more on how to pick out the perfect sonic gear for your entertainment space, check out our Learn Center's soundbar buying guide.

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