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Trusted Gaming Computers from CyberPowerPC

Whether you're a pro gamer or just love playing the newest releases, you need a high-quality gaming PC. That's where CyberPowerPC comes in. Gaming PCs are different from standard PCs as they are designed to be incredibly powerful to respond to hardware requirements from the latest games. The latest, greatest technology is often required to fully enjoy new releases. CyberPowerPC is an industry leader thanks to their wide selection of laptops and desktops at all different price points so you can find your perfect PC. Their gaming computers feature top technology like NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards or AMD Ryzen processors that offer vibrant images and high-speed performance. Bright, colorful games need hardware that delivers high frames per second (FPS). CyberPowerPC also offers different storage options for different types of gamers. Different games demand different storage capacities so it's important you're sure of what you need before you buy your gaming PC. If you're a die-hard gamer that has to get their hands on all the latest and greatest offerings, you'll probably want one of the largest storage options so you'll never run out of room. Options featuring liquid cooling prevent your computer from overheating during a long stream or competition while also helping your computer run quieter, thus eliminating distracting background noise.

With a gaming laptop, you can take the competition on the go. Maybe you just have a smaller budget. No matter the reason, CyberPowerPC gaming notebooks offer the same quality as their desktops. With non-reflective displays and a unique rainbow light-up keyboard, these laptops are equipped to meet the unique needs of gamers and streamers. Upgrade your setup with computer accessories designed to take gameplay to the next level. They also offer computer mice, keyboards, and gaming headsets. A gaming keyboard is an essential companion to your gaming PC because it is specifically designed to adapt to gameplay. CyberPowerPC gaming keyboards feature colorful backlighting that add an instant cool factor to your gaming setup and anti-ghosting technology, which means multiple keys pressed at once will work together so you can, for example, run and fire your weapon at the same time. This technology offers a smoother, more successful gaming experience as the keys can keep up with fast-moving fingers. You can even choose what switch type best suits your needs: linear offers smooth keystrokes with minimal noise, tactile features a bump on each keystroke and moderate noise, and clicky also has a small bump with a distinct click noise. Gaming headsets offer high-quality sound and can pick up the smallest noises like your enemy's footsteps. They create an immersive experience.

Even if you're not a gamer, you can benefit from the amazing speed and image quality of CyberPowerPC's offering. CyberPowerPC makes computers not only for gamers but also for businesses, schools, and other users that require the best, fastest technology. If you're ready to buy your first gaming PC but don't know much about computers, we're here to help. Consult our desktop computer buying guide or call our tech experts at 800-860-3577 to learn more.

What Our Customers Say About Us

Free shipping, excellent delivery service, and the price on the product was very competitive. Sales rep was very helpful and pleasant to deal with. What more can you ask.
Lawrence G. - Ellison Bay, WI
May 19, 2023