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Dawn House: Truly Adjustable Beds

Meet the adjustable bed designed for the wellness of the user in every aspect. Dawn House doesn't fit the mold, breaking barriers at every turn for what it means to sleep well. The Dawn House ecosystem was crafted with one goal in mind: to create an environment that can support comfortably aging in one's own home. Along the way, they made an adjustable bed that everyone can love, from couples with different rest schedules to people with disabilities. With a base, smart sleep technology and accessories all designed as a complete ecosystem, Dawn House's ability to raise and angle different sections of the mattress mean that sleepers will enjoy their night—while smart features help you to monitor your health and make adjustments with ease.

A Customizable Ecosystem of Rest

An adjustable bed that's more than just a plush mattress and frame, and it's all personalized to meet your needs. You'll begin by choosing between different bed sizes and models, but the true customization comes when you lay down. Lay flat, prop your feet up, shift the angle of your head's rest or lower and lift the bed. When you've found just the right angle, you'll know. Hoping for a little more relaxation? Choose from three different modes of motor-powered oscillation that boosts comfort and can even improve circulation.

Smart Technology That Adapts

The adjustable bed is designed to do more than just adapt, it's intelligent. Control it in one of two ways: the remote control via a voice assistant (that doubles as a phone charger). Speak your command and the bed moves, or grab the easy-to-use remote instead. But what really breaks new ground is its app-connected understanding of rest. Download the app and connect to your bed to see all that Dawn House can tell you. After a night of rest, the Dawn House app can show you a wellness report of how you slept. See data on how much you sleep, heart rate, respiratory details and more. The app tracks this over days, weeks and months, helping to provide health insights for those hours when you're not awake. The app can even track your snoring. Other options include creating an optimal position preset sleeping position that shifts into place the moment you tap it.

Once you're done analyzing your overnight reports, share them with family and medical professionals with help from your smartphone. You'll be able to get expert advice and insights from those you love, all to promote living and aging well at home. Finally, connect with other smart tech within your space to create the perfect sleep and wake routine, from dimming light bulbs at night to opening shades in the morning. You'll be ready to rise and ready to rest thanks to an easy wake and sleep routine crafted just for you.

Learn More About Aging in Your Home

Not sure if this adjustable bed is the right one for you? While Dawn House was designed with the goal of helping seniors to stay comfortable in their spaces as time goes on, anyone can benefit from these beds. Whether you're recovering from an injury, have a chronic physical disability that makes it difficult to sleep or are seeking a premium rest experience, these adjustable beds are a great place to start your search. Contact our in-house experts to learn more about these and other mattresses, adjustable bases and bedroom furniture we offer. Check out our Mattress Buying Guide to learn more as well.