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Dreamfit Sheets, Mattress Protectors & Pillowcases

Dreamfit sheets, mattress protectors and other bedtime accessories are designed to ensure that you get the most out of your sleep. Wake up feeling refreshed every morning (especially when you pair with a bed and frame from Abt.) Whether you're in search of a protector for your college student's Twin XL setup or cooling pillowcases for your master suite, you'll find everything you need here. But what really makes these products unique? They're guaranteed to stay on today's modern and diverse spread of mattresses.

Solve The Modern Sleeping Problem

While many bed linens have remained the same size for decades, mattresses have grown thicker and have changed in terms of texture, interior build and spring style. Think about it: are there specialized linens designed just for hybrid beds? What about split models, beds in boxes, skinny mattresses and ultra-plush versions? Most modern bedding has been made for the same King, Queen, and Twin sizes with no variation, and it causes issues like slipping, bunching and everyone's favorite, fitted linens pulling right off the corner as soon as you put them on. That's discomfort at every level, from attaching them to sleeping to neatening up the next morning.

That's why the founder of Dreamfit sheets decided it was time to create the solution: CEO Jerry Wooten realized that new beds aren't meant for old linens, and created new fabrics designed (and guaranteed) to fit. They're at least 15 inches deep with some going as deep as 17 inches. Paired with the under-bed straps, these features help to keep each fabric perfectly attached. With nearly every product crafted in the United States, customers can be sure that their new sleeping environment will be soft, well-designed and the perfect spot to curl up for a nap. And with their guarantee to fit and guarantee to stay on beds, the only time you'll need to worry about your Dreamfit sheets sliding off is when you change them yourself.

Create Your Master Suite Paradise

With no need to worry about slipping and sliding (even for those who toss and turn) you'll be ready to craft your perfect space. Once you've got the ideal bed, outfit it with everything you need: a mattress protector, Dreamfit sheets, cooling pillowcases and more. Toss a duvet comforter or quilt over the top and you'll be ready for the sweetest rest you've had in a long time. Whether you've got an adjustable base or a split frame, these textiles are ready to move with your sleep

Which Bedding Do I Need?

Not sure which bedding is best for your space, whether you're picking out gear for a master suite, kids' rooms or the entire house? Get help from the experts; reach out to our team at 800-860-3577 or head into the store to see our sleep-worthy specialists and discuss how Dreamfit sheets will work with your furniture. Our bedding department is on the second floor. You'll be able to try out tons of options, from hybrid models to classic innerspring coils and beyond. Hoping to do more research from home? Check out our Mattress Sizing & Buying Guide to learn more.