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Elite Screens

Elite Screens

Elite Screens

Cinema-quality entertainment comes home with products by Elite Screens. This brand's engineers work to craft next-gen entertainment equipment made to be accessible. The brand's ethos is simple and all-encompassing: even modest budgets should be able to afford projection screens all without compromising on quality. Some home theaters require the ultimate in custom fabrication. Instead, Elite Screens works to find the most popular sizes, details and aspect ratios that modern customers want and creates them en masse. The best part? Materials are still top-notch, like ultra-flat surfaces with black velvet borders. Explore all of the brand's products for both inside the home and backyard pop-up movie nights.

Indoor Home Theaters

When it comes to crafting your indoor home theater, it's all about personalization and customization—with most gear. Choose between 4K and 8K projectors, laser models, classic versions and even portable picks. Sound systems are just as customizable. Homeowners have the ability to use gear like powerful soundbars in smaller home theaters, or truly create your own ticketed theater with in-wall speakers and subwoofers. The one thing everyone needs is the projection surface, like one from Elite Screens. These CineWhite® surfaces are the perfect place to have your projector throw an image:ultra-flat, spring-tensioned, and easy to assemble and install. That means you'll have movie night ready to go in minutes, and the quality will be unlike any you've ever seen.

Outdoor Pop-Ups

Elite Screens is ready for more than just indoor movie night: the next time the weather is nice, invite everyone over for an outdoor gathering and watch the newest superhero flick. The brand's outdoor portable projector screens are made just for your needs. With several different sizes and sturdy legs, it's easy to find the perfect model for your needs. Their Yard Master series is designed to fold up and away quickly thanks to lightweight aluminum construction. Guy lines and ground stakes are often included for the perfect angle, stretch and security. When you're ready to watch, unfold and use your projector to watch video . Stream, play Blu-ray discs or even have a video game tournament out here. Don't forget that no movie night is complete without comfortable patio seating and snacks (like popcorn). For extra backyard fun, connect to outdoor speakers: you'll hear enemies fly by, deep orchestral moments take flight, and dialogue sounds crisp and clear. All while you see visuals look their best on Elite Screens designed for the outdoors.

Which Projector Should I Choose?

If you're not sure which of these home theater must-haves is right for you, you're in the right place. Our team of experts is here to help you design the perfect entertainment space for your needs. Whether that includes expert gaming systems, the perfect music collection or all of the right AV gear, we're here to help you get what works perfectly for you. Head into the store to see some of our gear in action, or explore our site to find all of the equipment you can order alongside your new screen. Call us at 800-860-3577 to learn more, or read up with our projector screen buying guide to learn more.

What Our Customers Say About Us

Great price and product came a day early.
Michelle G. - Chesterfield, MO
May 11, 2023