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When it is time to serve beautiful meals, beverages or both, make sure your recipes look their best in dinnerware and glassware by Fortessa. The brand prides itself on design created to transform the everyday moments in life into exciting ones. Turning ordinary dinners into celebrations and morning breakfasts into the best part of the day, creations by Fortessa are made to stun. Collections of matching barware and glassware help to create photo-worthy moments that you'll love looking back on later. Learn all about the ways Fortessa can help you make beautiful moments at Abt.

Wine Glasses

True wine lovers know that when you choose a beautiful, aromatic bottle to enjoy, it's best enjoyed with a little help from the right accessories. Of course, you'll need a corkscrew, while a wine decanter is a necessity as well. Decanters help the wine to oxygenate for the best possible taste. Another must-have? The right kind of vessel for the variant you've chosen. You can prefer whites to reds or be totally in love with champagne, but if you don't have the proper wine glasses, they'll never taste their best. That's where these wine glasses come in. Explore models created just for specific variants, like Cabernets or Sauvignon Blancs.

These wine glass designers know that the shape can concentrate the aroma for the best taste possible. With that in mind, consider the best glass shape for your favorite choices. Or if you're a true expert who stocks their wine refrigerator with all kinds of different varieties, make sure you have as many wine glass varieties as possible, too. It's all about the space between the lip and the wine itself—that's where the flavor collects. When you fill your cabinetry with them, don't forget to order enough for everyone. Whether you love being the party host or have a large family, have enough Fortessa glassware for beautifully matched table settings.

Cocktails & Beer

For those who prefer cocktails and lagers to Sauvignon Blancs and Cabernets, you don't have to go to the bar to experience truly gourmet drinkware. Explore choices like mixing sets (complete with strainers and stirrers) that turn you into a true mixologist. Create your own indoor or outdoor home bar, make beautiful drinks, and serve them into your favorite Fortessa lowball. If you love beer tasting instead, upgrade from bottles and cans to experience the best of what's in your favorite pours. For a true tasting upgrade, equip your kitchen or bar with a new kegerator. These can end up saving you money in the long run, and will give you beautiful, fresh beer with every pour. And when enjoyed from the correct Fortessa vessel, you'll taste every aromatic note at its best.

If you have questions about which glassware is right for your needs, our specialists are here to help. Call us at 800-860-3577, or head to our Gourmet Shop at Abt in Glenview, IL to see our Fortessa products at their best.