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Frieling Fresh Solutions for Your Home and Kitchen

Frieling Products at Abt

Explore Smart Solutions with Frieling at Abt

Founded in New York by Monika and Bernard Schnacke in 1988, Frieling began as a manufacturing and distribution company focused on hospitality and restaurant products. The brand's focus and mission has always been smart solutions™ to everyday problems in the kitchen and at home. They aim to create high-quality, well-designed appliances and more to make cooking and cleaning easier, offering a diverse range of products in order to become a one-stop shopping experience for all. As Frieling moved headquarters to South Carolina in the 90s, they not only expanded their warehouse but expanded their brand as well, becoming a parent company to cookware industry names like Black Cube, Cilio, Durgol, Woll, Zenker and more. As of today, Frieling is known for its innovative creations such as the Touch Free Chiller™, their line of stainless steel French presses in five different sizes and their Handle-It Glass Bottom Springform Pan.

Tools To Get You Cooking

Abt carries a variety of Frieling goods, perfect for completing your kitchen collection and creating delicious meals for everyone at home. Their stainless steel French presses range anywhere in capacity from 17-44 ounces. French presses differ from average coffee makers in that they use pressure to extract coffee in its purest form, capturing all the concentrated flavors for the most delicious sip every time. These presses are extremely durable and double-walled to keep your coffee hot for longer periods of time. When you're ready to serve your perfect brew, you can invest in an insulated coffee server from Frieling as well. When it comes to small, but strong kitchen appliances, you can't go wrong with a Frieling citrus juicer. Their cast aluminum juicers can press up to 1400 pounds of fruit per square inch and feature a rubberized handle for easy squeezing and rubber feet for extra stability. The best part is that both their French presses and juicers are dishwasher-safe for ultimate user convenience.

Abt also offers plenty of cooking utensils from Frieling to help you complete all your favorite recipes with ease and precision. Choose from their selection of skimmers, used to gently remove top layers of oil or foam from the surface of your cooking liquids. Make a crowd-pleasing pasta dish with a strainer for your choice of noodles and a ladle for all your rich homemade sauces. Cook a balanced breakfast for your family with Frieling tools at your side too. Use their whisks to scramble eggs and a turner to flip them for perfect cooking results every time. If you're using Frieling cookware for your eggs, the pans carried at Abt come in two variations: Black Cube™ and Diamond Lite. Black Cube™ pans consist of a unique three-ply construction and a high-quality nonstick layer. Diamond Lite pans, on the other hand, feature a diamond-reinforced nonstick layer and even heating abilities for perfect sears. There are plenty of other kitchen accessories from Frieling where that came from, including pizza cutters, mixing bowl sets and salt & pepper mills. You can even create your own spice blend with one of their mortar & pestles. If you're looking to learn more about juicers or French presses before investing in Frieling, you can explore our small appliance buying guides for further information and tips. All other questions about this cookware brand can be answered by our team at 800-860-3577.