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When you think of kitchen appliances, or the tools and gadgets that live in the heart of your home, you probably aren't listing "environmentally friendly" at the top of your priorities. Lékué is ready to change that. This brand is best known for its iconic popcorn maker, which allows you to skip bagged versions and get creative with your corn. People have explored exciting recipes with fun add-ons and add-ins, and they've eaten it the healthiest way possible—deliciously plain—with the help of this pick. Lékué's brand is perfectly captured in this one product: their goal is to craft earth-friendly and reusable products all with the goal of promoting a healthy lifestyle. Learn more about the ways you can accomplish both goals with their products at Abt.

High Quality Materials For Unbeatable Results

The brand is well known for their eco-friendly silicone products, many of which are microwave friendly. Their engineers devised their own platinum silicone for the ultimate in performance. The result? Exciting new innovations in the way food can be both cooked and stored. Think stretchable lids, reusable zippered bags that can stand up in the refrigerator, and all kinds of new cooking methods. Pasta no longer needs to be boiled in shining cookware on a real range: instead, it can go in a multipurpose cooker that heats in the microwave. Strain and serve from there. Their silicone is easily moldable but can stand up to the elements, meaning new products are always on their way. The best part? Storage, cookers and more are often microwave, refrigerator and dishwasher safe. That's easy cooking, easy storage and easy cleaning. In a world that's busier than ever, Lékué products make it impossibly easy to manage mealtimes.

Strive For Healthy Habits

Whether you're hoping to lose weight, get stronger or just improve your overall health, Lékué's innovations are here to make it a little bit easier. Craft snacks, prep meals and make sure leftovers stay as fresh as possible with help from these smart picks. Bowls, silicone packages and lunchboxes are the perfect way to help portion out healthy servings. Meanwhile, items like their breadmakers and bacon cooker make it much easier to take the unhealthy aspects of your favorite foods and strip them away. With the bacon cooker, raised grooves inside of the cooker make it easy to strip away excess fat, all while preserving the unbeatable crispy flavor everyone knows and loves. Whether you're crafting breakfast for the family or BLT sandwiches for friends, you'll have a healthier bacon available for everyone: It's all part of Lékué's fight for healthier meal making with better small kitchen appliances. And all the excitement happens in the microwave.

If you're still having a hard time figuring out which Lékué products are right for you or aren't sure how they'd work, our team of experts is here to help. Speak to the specialists in our Gourmet shop via phone at 800-860-3577, or head to our Glenview store in person to see what we have on the shelves.