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Middle Atlantic: Organization Beyond Entertainment

No true AV system is complete with just a product or two, just like no orchestra can stand on its own with just a single soloist on the strings. That's where Middle Atlantic steps in. These experts of all things audio and video-supportive create products that don't necessarily look luxurious part-for-part, but they're truly necessary for professionally organized systems. These custom consoles are built to avoid the issues presented by stacking machine after machine on a TV stand overflowing with gear like Blu-Ray players and the family's collection of video game consoles. What about home audio equipment like the amplifier, the receiver, turntables and other gear? The equipment from Middle Atlantic is designed to be redesignable, with components made to suit your needs. Instead of looking for furniture that fits your situation perfectly, create your own adjustable and personalized arrangement.

Build Out Your Carts, Panels & More

Middle Atlantic is well stocked with everything you'll need to create your entertainment storage system, but before you consider what you want, think about what you'll need. Some equipment tends to heat up (especially when it's hard at work creating 4K video on TV or connecting to the internet). That's when you'll need peripherals like opening vents and cooling fans, from classic versions to models with controllers that can be activated remotely. Hoping for the ability to shift your stacking shelved arrangement from one area to the other without breaking your back? Then it's time to take a look at caster wheels, like versions that lock (or even ones that don't). Whatever your equipment will need to do, from cooling off to moving around, Middle Atlantic will be able to make it happen.

Cord Management Made Custom

Custmizable entertainment containment sets Middle Atlantic apart from the pack, down to the smallest grommet and slimmest trim kit. The goal with every system is about making the final product match your needs, and that's why our team at Abt is well-experienced with building out products that solve common problems. Get rid of kinks in knotted cables with custom-designed cabinetry made to keep each wire (from power cords to HDMI and beyond) perfectly lined and out of sight. Explore options like power control, cord organization, concealed racks and more.

If you're not sure where to start, you're in the right place. These systems are designed to be made with the help of experts and with consultation, and that's all to ensure your entertainment center or commercial space receives equipment that performs as efficiently as possible by the end of the process. Complete your home theater, organize your living room, or make your meeting space at work as organized and functional as can be— all with the help of Middle Atlantic. For help getting started with your arrangement and learning more, contact Abt's Custom Audio/Video Department or give us a call at 847-544-2307. Alternatively, head into the store to talk to us in person. With decades of experience behind us, we're ready to make the perfect solution for your needs.

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Delivery was great. Communication was excellent and the driver called 10 minutes before arrival.
Sonia L. - Chicago, IL
May 11, 2023