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When you're on the road, it's always better to have a second set of eyes. That's where Momento dash cams come in. The brand of auto accessories made for the next generation lets their equipment do the talking for them, whether you're searching for something to make your rideshare drive easier or a lens that records everything ahead of you in higher-than-HD resolution. You'll be ready for anything, from near-collisions to would-be vehicle damage, all with the help of Momento. Learn more about what their equipment can do to help keep your vehicle safe year-round below.

Look Outside The Car

When you think of a typical dash cam, you're probably thinking of that lens looking straight ahead. And many of their models do focus on staring straight ahead, but that's not their only skill. Look for Momento car electronics that have a wide field of vision, over 180°. That way, you'll be able to see things along the side of your vehicle as well as what's in front of it, like within blind spots. Other features you should keep an eye out for include models that have their own screens built into them—allowing you to see instant replays with ease right from the device's screen. If you'd rather see your footage on a larger screen, pop its memory card out and play that data on a larger computer screen from home: you'll be able to see it all in HD.

When it's time to park for the night, it's just as important to keep your vehicle safe. Some models activate and record if impact is detected, whether that looks like another car bumping into yours while parallel parking or impact from someone trying to sneak into your vehicle. Recording starts right away to make sure you have evidence for everything that happens. Some products even have ECO-Mode, which helps save power by using radar instead.

See Everything Inside The Vehicle

Momento cameras aren't just for outside. Whether you drive for a rideshare or want to keep an eye on kids in the backseat, Momento's rear cams will keep everything well-monitored. Explore some of their products' features, like a full 360-degree swivel to see in the back, sides and even on the diagonal. That means that even when you can't see in your blind spot, one of these products might be able to. It'll record any activity, like fussing babies and toddlers in the backseat as well as rideshare passengers. Keep an eye out for other features that best fit your driving style, like products built with night mode. Sensors adjust to low-light conditions, while infrared light sensors are able to see everything in the middle and rear rows of the cabin. You'll be safe and everything will be recorded in HD thanks to Momento, no matter what.

If you're having a hard time picking out extra gear for your vehicle, our experts are here to help. Our team at Abt's Mobile Installation department knows how to do it all, from complete car-audio makeovers to cargo carriers & more. Explore what we've got in stock and we can install it for you in our Glenview location, too.

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Your Delivery and install Team were amazing. That is what customer service should be. I know we live in a totally different time in 2023 but, to be treated with respect to you and your property, to understand the process and all done with a smile is priceless. 👍🏻
Janet M. - Tinley Park, IL
February 22, 2023