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NAD: The Newest Technology in High-Quality Audio

The creative team at NAD started out the way all great businesses do: with a problem that seemed unsolvable. In the 1970s, they were backed against the wall—they knew that younger customers loved high-fidelity sound, but they wanted to experience it without shelling out the big bucks for a complete audio set-up. Thats why they set to reshape the way that NAD amplifiers function. After defining new ways to wire and fire noise, they finished with a NAD amplifier that produced better bass, acoustics and all-around volume than anything else in its price range.

To this day, the innovative North American brand continues to do just that; create new inventions designed to power the most forward-thinking products at an enviable price. Instead of wires and record players, these engineers optimize their NAD amplifiers to interact with wireless speakers and smartphones. But youll still find the same boosted sound quality in many of their products, at a range of prices that make these devices perfect for both beginners and discerning experts.

Do I Need a NAD Amplifier or Receiver?

Building your first-ever audio system? If youre upgrading from a simple wireless speaker, youve got a lot to learn, but youll definitely need more than just turntables. Its time to choose between equipping your home with an amplifier or opting with a receiver. If you only want to transfer an audio signal to a pair of speakers (and hope to only purchase one piece), then an amplifier is the device for you. NAD amplifiers in particular outrank the competition in style. Their high-tier BluOS streaming models are designed for listening to audio in multiple rooms, making these the perfect choice for those who love to entertain throughout the house. Wow guests with the display panels, some of which feature album art, touch screen controls, decibel levels and more.

Meanwhile, receivers do the exact same thing: amplifying sound to transfer to speakers or other electronics. However, these next-gen devices are often designed with extra functionality, such as built-in radio tuning, preamp, AV functionality and more. Some NAD receivers are even designed for surround sound cinema watching. Equipped with DOLBY Atmos sound compatibility, these models have the capacity to turn your basement into a fully-fledged movie theater.

Looking for Advice from AV Experts?

Feeling a little lost among new technology? You dont have to go it alone. Our team of AV experts has been helping clients to design their dream sound systems for decades, whether theyre spinning vinyl records or listening wirelessly. Well help you find the NAD product that best fits your needs and budget. Give us a call at 800-860-3577 or head into the store to speak to us in person. Youll be able to check out all the sonic gear thats available on the floor, and maybe even test some out. Hoping to do some research at home? Check out our Audio Buying Guides to check out what we have to say about headphones, CD players, soundbars and more.